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Suggestions and view on XP Cap


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First of all I am not sure this is the right place put this, but couldnt find a better place. Thanks to Mur to change the rule on xp cap to not to add further xp when the xp is over cap.
First of all I am not sure why we have an xp cap over here...because logically speaking, there is no bound to your experience, your life is a path of continuous learning and there is always a room for improvement, so why an xp cap then? (If it was for some other reason which I am unaware, please forgive me). Anyways, I would be least bothered about the xp cap, but I am concerned about the win/loss counter, as you know once you hit xp cap the crts wont get any win/loss counters which is unacceptable IMO.... for example say you are super champion with unlimited experience and one fine day you are fighting with a rookie and you won so easily, you might not have gained a notable experience from that battle or a status boost, but the you still have [b]won a battle and that should be entered to your record book[/b]. So I would like to see the battle counters increase for my crts even though I am at xp cap...its just my opinion...

[b]I think I am convinced with the first part why do we require XP cap, thanks to Kamate... but still would love see wins for my crts[/b]

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I believe that part of the reason for freezing wins on crits at xp cap is to encourage people to move up mp levels to the level that is more "appropriate" for them rather than let them get overpowered. There are ways that have been used to circumvent that in the past but for the majority of players hitting xp cap means that it is time to move up. If you are already at mp5 then there is a way to remove the xp that is holding you back and you can explore that part of the game now.

At least that's how I see it.

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If they continued getting wins it would mean people could train indefinately irrespective of the Xp Limit. I find it slightly easier that some of the stronger people have to use ways to get below the limit so that they may continue attacking and getting benifits. This means there is periods of time where certain people arnt attacking, and lowering their exp.

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Hmm!!! I havent put much thoughts on XP cap until i hit it.....and on some serious thinking after that.....I seem to convinced with the game as it is now..... I need to explore the skies a little more...let's get out and find out my buddy Dragon...

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