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Sasha Lilias

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Please place all roleplay logs that you wish for me to read here(These should only be the logs that I did not see due to it being in a different area than the GoC, or because I was offline/idle)
Important logs will be put here also, but I would ask for no one other than me to post these(unless I ask you to do it), this will allow me to give you pieces of roleplay that I find important(these will usually have a hint of something to use in your roleplaying, so look for something that is the same in each piece.)

[Log=Sasha Lilias's Death][color="#FF0000"](IMPORTANT)[/color]
[color="#00BFFF"]Azull steps to the other side and lifts Sasha's body carefully[/color]
[color="#00BFFF"]: sasha lilias the ghost, watches weakly as they bury what is left from her body. [/color][color="#00BFFF"]She smiles a little and thinks to herself..."I..beat you..."[/color]
[color="#00BFFF"]: Tipu lifts the body along with Azull
: Azull together with Tipu places the body in the coffin[/color]
Tipu: [color="#00BFFF"]*laughs*[/color] hahaha...
[color="#00BFFF"]: sasha lilias the ghost, slowly rises, still weak from speaking, but walks towards the coffin[/color]
Tipu: hey azull take a finall look at ur friend ... for she will be buried muhaha
[color="#00BFFF"]: Azull glares at Tipu
: The tentacle begins whipping around ferociously as if it knows what is happening[/color]
Tipu: hey azull how about buring the ghost too..lets end this once and for all..
[color="#00BFFF"]: Azull pushes the tentacle down
: The tentacle continues to whip around as Azull holds it down[/color]
Azull: [color="#00BFFF"]*looks at Tipu, still pushing down on the tentacle*[/color] you can't bury a ghost Tipu
[color="#00BFFF"]: sasha lilias the ghost, watches with horror as it moves
: The tentacle whips at Tipu, a large tear appearing in his armor as it rips it open like a tin can.[/color]
Azull: [color="#00BFFF"]*strugles with the tentacle*[/color] Come on Tipu, help me out here
Tipu: haha i will show this ghost not to mess up with KC guards
Tipu: i will cut all her tentacles muhaha
: [color="#00BFFF"]sasha lilias the ghost, glowers towards Tipu and points towards the coffin lid[/color]
Tipu: [color="#00BFFF"]*tries to draw his rusted sword*[/color] in the name of undertaker...but..
Azull: [color="#00BFFF"]*turns his head to Tipu*[/color] get the lid of the coffin Tipu.
Azull: But wait until I get my arms out
Tipu: [color="#00BFFF"]*his rusted sword get stuck in his sheath*[/color] damn ...stupid amor..
Azull: [color="#00BFFF"]*strugles with the tentacle*[/color] hurry up man
Tipu: ho ok[color="#00BFFF"] * runs to the coffin lid* [/color]
Tipu: [color="#00BFFF"]*drags it towards azull*[/color] what now..
Azull: [color="#00BFFF"]*pushes down on the tentacle*[/color] get ready to close the coffin, but mind my arms yes
Tipu: all right iam ready..
Azull:[color="#00BFFF"] *grunts as the tentacle trashes around*[/color] ok, on three, close the lid..
Tipu: [color="#00BFFF"]*nods*[/color] ok
Azull: [color="#00BFFF"]*pushes down hard*[/color] one...
Azull: two...
Azull: three, do it NOW [color="#00BFFF"]*pulls his arms out quickly*[/color]
Tipu: [color="#00BFFF"]*quickly slides the coffin lid*[/color] yes yes we did it muhaha
: Silence falls...as Sasha's body is buried forever
: [color="#00BFFF"]sasha lilias the ghost, smiles sadly, knowing she will never be human again..[/color]

[u][i][b]Player Comments[/b][/i][/u]
[color="#FF0000"]Grido(Leader)- Interesting to watch. Loved his idea with the coffin.
Tipu- Good roleplay but sometimes does things without allowing others to react.
Kamisha- Has not taken part in the quest so far.
Sunfire- Of what I saw I enjoyed, perhaps join in a bit more for stage 3.
*Lightsage*- Has not taken part in the quest so far.

[color="#0000FF"][u]Reserrectioners: [/u]
Azull(Leader)- Has not taken part as much as I wished, though brilliant RP when he did
Cuthilion(Vice-Leader)- ^As above^
Adiomino- Brilliant initiatives and ideas. Has deserved all rewards given so far.
TTL- Did well with Miiriam, though has seemed to have given up a little.
Xrieg- Joined in briefly before going through story mode. Seems good at what he does.
Brulant- Brulant? More like brilliant. He has done an excellent job, please read end post for his rewards.
Blade Faryn- Quiet for a lot of the time, but was very good when he joined in.
Rasiel- Has not taken part in the quest so far.
ChildOfTheSoul- Has joined in a little, good roleplayer.
Belexar-A new player that is able to join in with elder players as if he had known them for a long time, very nice.[/color]

All views here are personal. If you have problems with what I have said then, please feel free to, post your comments in this topic or send me them via [b][u]forum[/u][/b] PM.
Thankyou to all those that took part and please have a rest before stage 3 starts.

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For those postings RP Logs, the Drop Down box BBC code is now:
[b](log=Log Box Name]Big log[/log)[/b]

This makes (replacing the round brackets with Square brackets, of course):
[log=Log Box Name]Big log[/log]

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[quote name='Kyphis the Bard' timestamp='1297545929' post='78790']
For those postings RP Logs, the Drop Down box BBC code is now:
[b](log=Log Box Name]Big log[/log)[/b]

This makes (replacing the round brackets with Square brackets, of course):
[log=Log Box Name]Big log[/log]
Thankyou for that Kyph :)

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[log=Log Box Name]

: sasha lilias begins to float backwards, staring at the wall as she does
: sasha lilias mouths a single word before dispersing into a small cloud of mist
: sasha lilias the mist hovers above the body for a few seconds, before melting into the soft skin
Cuthilion: (humm, too bad I missed that...)
Tipu: spying .....muh *reports to his team leader*
: adiomino yawns as he drudges to the periphery of the gazebo and sits himself down, he positions the harp in front of him
: adiomino his hands reach out to play the music but he notices something odd about sasha's body, he walks over to her and kneels next to her head
adiomino: *the back of his hand grazes against her soft cheek, astonished he yanks his hand back* I feel heat..
: adiomino ponders the feeling he had on his hand and walks over to his harp and strums its golden strings, melodic tunes reverberate in the cavern and ring in his ears
: adiomino he concentrates on his music hoping for body of sasha lilias to react somehow to its familiar sounds, his eyes close and he lulls himself into a dreamlike state yet his fingers continue to strum


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[log=Filling In Her "Graves""]
: Tipu: nvm its just one of my eveil plot muhahaha
: Tipu continues to dig the Grave
: Sunfire walks in
Sunfire: *whispers to not wakethe guards* need somehelp there?
: Sunfire pics up some stone rubble and melts it into a nice headstone
: Sunfire looks at the harp and frowns
Sunfire: *srugs and heads out again
Sunfire: *notices lin coming in and sighs* lin...
WhiteRabbit: This is the most active I've seen it in here...
: adiomino his eyes open to see the gazebo ravaged and dug up, he calmly proceeds to fill up the holes as best he can with the surrounding rubble
: adiomino notices the sleeping cuthilion and decides to head out for a while in search of someone
: adiomino returns to the gazebo and positions himself in front of his harp, his hands reach out in front of him and his fingers strum the golden strings. Melodic tunes reverberate in the cavern
: Brulant walks down the bridge, lost in thought
: Brulant stubs his toe on something as he crosses the platform
Brulant: *looks down and notices the headstone* Tsk.
: Brulant picks up the headstone and lobs it over the side into the cavern[/log]

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In the Defensive Quarters…

[log=Trapping Sunfire]
Brulant: *walks slowly up the steps* Sunfire
: Brulant thinks quickly
: Brulant climbs up onto the table and detaches the rope from the ceiling
: Brulant quickly loops it around Sunfire and then uses the tree outside the north exit as a pulley, pulling Sunfire over to the tree
: Brulant ties Sunfire securely around the tree and looks back inside
Brulant: Hmm…
: Brulant opens a barrel to discover that it's full of tar
Brulant: *chuckles* Oh, what fun.
: Brulant smears the ropes with tar and steps back to admire his handiwork
Brulant: Have fun getting out of that without burning the forest, Sunfire.
: Brulant salutes Sunfire ironically and walks off

Tar does not burn as a solid, but melts, fairly easily, into a highly combustible liquid. If Sunfire just burns his way out, then he will cause a large explosion in the forest.

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Aren't actions acted on a player that aren't counterable, considered...godmodding? I know it's not illegal or anything, but it's definitely frowned upon by various people...

I don't know your characters' background Brulant, so I'll ignore how strong you'd have to be to pick up a headstone and "lob" it over the side. But taking actions, such as tying a rope around someone who is clearly not there (idle or just afk), when in reality they would very quickly wake up and stop you from doing it? That isn't to take away from the actions, just think it could've been done better *shrugs*

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[quote name='Grido' timestamp='1297948948' post='78976']
Aren't actions acted on a player that aren't counterable, considered...godmodding? …

I don't know your characters' background Brulant, so I'll ignore how strong you'd have to be to pick up a headstone and "lob" it over the side…

I just expect Sunfire to cut his way out, he's certainly not trapped or in a position that's impossible to counter. How tightly did I tie the rope? How tall was the tree? Does he have a knife in his pockets? Won't someone else untie him? I didn't mean for him to be trapped forever, I meant only to have a bit of fun. He's really the only Undertaker that I've dealt with in the quest so far, and so I like to poke him a little bit whenever I see him ^_^

The size of the headstone wasn't specified, but I thought it to be rather small since Sunfire just "picked up some rubble" to melt into a headstone. Surely, since it wouldn't get any bigger or heavier, just more dense, I would be able to pick it up and "lob" it. What I imagined in my head was something more akin to a discus throw, but I did not emote that. I apologize.
Furthermore, I've picked up and carried around headstones in RL and they really weren't all that heavy, but headstone size is standardized and I don't know how big Sunfire's was :)

And, yeah, it probably could have been done a lot better, but I'm trying to improve my role playing, which is admittedly rather shoddy, and this quest seemed like a good place to start ;) Thanks Sasha

Hope that explains a little bit of what I was thinking.

EDIT: Spelling errors

Edited by Brulant
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When I said uncounterable, I was referring to the action of roping him up in the first place, rather than him being able to escape. Headstone wise, have you tried lobbing one? :P

Does explain, thank ye. And you're better at rp than others I've seen, so you're onto a good start :)

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The three logs from Day 50 for people to read over. A lot to read.

[log=GoC, Day 50]
Brulant: Have the undertakers done anything?
adiomino: I don't know..
Brulant: *kicks a pillar* It's just so… frustrating.
Brulant: Has anyone tried actually moving the body>
Brulant: I mean, why are we down here?
adiomino: I don' know that either
Brulant: I've seen her ghost try to leave the Underground, why don't we bring her body to the surface?
adiomino: That could be arranged.
adiomino: But why not leave her here in isolation away from eternal sun's beatings, away from all the immature children.
adiomino: Perhaps there is a deeper meaning behind our location..
Brulant: Do you know it? If we moved her, we might discover it *grins*
Brulant: And 'tis better to leave her in the gloom and murk than to bring her to the sun?
adiomino: We are at the edge of darkness. light shines down on our gazebo. But it goes no further as it is swallowed by the dark void below us.
adiomino: The sun is what ages things, Brulant.
adiomino: Let's not mess with her equilibrium.
adiomino: For now
Brulant: If time is stopped for her, than her soul will never rejoin her body. We have to restart the clock.
Brulant: *nods* Alright. I defer to your wisdom Adio.
adiomino nods back at Brulant
Brulant: *grins lopsidedly* For now.
adiomino: Brulant, she was killed on the surface of our realm. Correct?
Brulant: Correct.
adiomino: For some reason, she was brought here.
adiomino: I'd like to find out who and why.
adiomino: I saw Miiriam earlier today. I wonder if she knows
Brulant: As would I, adio.
Brulant: I also saw Miiriam. I was tempted to ask her, but she slipped from my sight.
adiomino: *sighs* She is not awake right now.
Brulant: Perhaps by bringing her to the surface, we will learn who and why. Certainly we aren't discovering anything right now.
adiomino: *smirks as his mind starts to change* To the gazebo of equilibrium then?
Brulant: *glances around* Where did Sasha's ghost go?
adiomino: I'm starting to grow tired of this dark location as well. The darkness doesn't suit me.
Brulant: *smiles* Now you're talking.
adiomino: Now.. how should we move her.
Brulant: Do you think the two of us could manage it?
adiomino: Ah..! Miiriam is awake!
Brulant: *mutters* One of us could take her arms and the other her feet…
adiomino: *grins* Shall we rush to the surface, Brulant?
Brulant: *glances up at Adio* Shall we go look for her?
Brulant: *laughs* My thoughts exactly
: Brulant runs up the bridge
adiomino: Let's go then. We'll revisit the topic later.

[log=In the Park, Day 50]
: adiomino rushes in the gazebo from the steps
: Brulant nods to Adio and points towards Miiriam
adiomino: *his back straightens after he catches his breath and his head turns, he chuckles* No pointing now, Brulant.
Brulant: *chuckles and lowers his hand* Sorry, Adio.
: Blade Faryn looks back and forth between Brulant and Adio
Ravenstrider: Do you have signed documents that confirm the bet?
: Miiriam raises an eyebrow at the rather rude pointer
Ravenstrider: Witnesses?
Ravenstrider: I didn't think so.
Brulant: *winces as Miiriam looks at him* Sorry.
adiomino: *calmly, he takes a last deep breath and approaches Miiriam slowly. He smiles and bows his head softly to her* Greetings, miss.
Miiriam: Do not worry, it is what I expect from brutes such as yourself...
Ravenstrider: You're showing you're not Necrovion material already.
: Brulant follows Adio over to Miiriam
Miiriam: *turns her gaze to the other man* If you expect money then I do not have any to give...
Brulant: *smiles at Miiriam's unkind words* Brutes? So be it. Beauty, or lack there of, is in the eye of the beholder after all.
Miiriam turns back to her drawing
adiomino: Brutes..? Why I am an innocent boy come here to ask of you innocent questions.
Brulant: Actually, we would just like the opportunity to talk to you.
: adiomino he peers down at Miiriam's drawings and smiles
: Blade Faryn watches the two with curiosity
Brulant: What are you drawing, Miiriam?
adiomino: *he shrugs* Though brute would almost be a compliment, milady. If it wasn't spoken so harshly.
TTL: *stares angrily at Ravenstrider* Mya is asking me to ask people around and write down their opinions on this question. Not mine.
Miiriam: *looks up to the two men with a rather un loving look in her eyes* You wish to ask me questions yet your little companion here *glances at Brulant* seems to have a rather twitchy finger.
adiomino: A roguish exterior is nothing to be ashamed of.
Brulant: *chuckles* Brute is almost my name. And I do believe we've forgotten our manners, Adio.
Miiriam: Not particulally a very good way of introducing yourselves...
: adiomino he nudges Brulant softly with his elbow
Brulant: *bows* I sincerely apologize for the pointing, Miiriam.
Brulant: My name is Brulant, and this is… *turns to Adio*
adiomino: Please, call me Adio.
: adiomino he bows his head and motions with his hand a tip of the hat, yet he wears not. He smiles
Ravenstrider: And that obliges me to tell you? *laughs* Seriously...
adiomino: Forgive us, mi'lady. Though we would like to use up some your time.
Miiriam: *nods to them* Hello Brulant, and Hello...Adio...
TTL: No it does not... I merely asked for your help raven
Brulant: Because time is nothing if not shared, so why keep it to yourself? *smiles kindly*
Miiriam: *a small smile touches the corner of her mouth and she nods* Very well.
Brulant: We will try to keep it brief, mi'lady. *gestures for Adio to take the lead*
~~I was eating~~
Miiriam: *her eyes shine at the questions but she remains still* I am...willing to answer one question a day...
Miiriam: So..which question do you wish to know?
adiomino: Who killed sasha lilias?
Miiriam: Who killed Sasha Lilias? The truth is...
Miiriam: She did.
Miiriam: It was her inquisitive nature that led her to the water, it took over her mind, making her believe she were crazy.
: adiomino his expression turns rather cold as he listens to Miiriam
Miiriam: Due to this she thought it was a sign from the void, that she could "hear whispers" which of course was not true....for some time.
Miiriam: You see...she believed in these whispers so much that in the end, they became real, but only to her. Then as these whispers "spoke " to her, she began to believe that the voids grip was upon her.
Miiriam: This led her to the fountain, to learn more and, as she would say.., to listen.
bloodelvenwizard: On other new's any mp4's have a non damage def rit?
: Blade Faryn furrows his brow and frowns as he hears all of this
Miiriam: So I repeat....it was her own mind..that killed her. The minds perception and imagination...are things that are not to be messed with...
: Miiriam sits back, obviously finished with her answer
Brulant: Interesting. Thank you for you answer Miiriam
Miiriam: *turns to the the other man* Opponions?
adiomino: Heh.. so she was a danger to herself. *mumbles* When she was alive.
Miiriam: *turns back to Brulant* I assume you also have a question?
bloodelvenwizard: well thats not a bit far fro the truth adiomoino
: adiomino bows his head lightly to Miiriam in thanks
bloodelvenwizard: from
Brulant: Are we each allowed a question? I would not want to use more of your precious time *winks at her*
: adiomino shoots Brulant a rather stern look as he speaks
Brulant: *chuckles* Sorry, Adio.
bloodelvenwizard: hey adiomino got any tips for stat traning?
Miiriam: *raises her eyebrow* Play it rude, tis fine.
Miiriam: As you wish, one question a day.
Miiriam: Not per person, per day.
bloodelvenwizard: eh?
: Miiriam stands and packs her things away
Blade Faryn: There is always tomorrow then.
Brulant: *bows his head, still smiling* So be it, Miiriam. Thank you for your time.
adiomino: *turns his head to blood* Kill everyone in battle
bloodelvenwizard: (is it just me or are there more people these days then usual?)
Miiriam: Farewell.
bloodelvenwizard: easy for you to say
: adiomino turns back to Miiriam and bows his head lightly to her in thank
: Miiriam turns as she palces her bag over her shoulder before walking away
Brulant: *calls after her* Thank you!!
Brulant: *grins* Race you?

[log=Back in the GoC, Day 50]
: Blade Faryn comes on down after what he overheard in the park
Brulant: *taps his foot on the platform* Slowpokes!
: Brulant laughs happily
adiomino: *takes a step on the bridge and sees Brulant* Huh.. you beat me
: adiomino he walks over to Brulant and smacks his arm, he smirks
Brulant: So, shall our next question be, "Why is Sasha's body at the Gazebo of Chaos?"
adiomino: Brute..
adiomino: *shrugs* Yes.. i suppose
Brulant: *flinches back from Adio and then grins* Proudly so. It is a fool's prerogative to utter things no one else dare speak!
Blade Faryn: Maybe she was brought down here as a reflection of her state of mind?
Brulant: Let us not maybe and suppose, for we shall know tomorrow.
: adiomino his head turns, smiling he nods to Blade
Brulant: Let us discuss how she killed herself.
adiomino: Not a bad idea, Blade.
: adiomino shakes his head
Blade Faryn: I meant when she was alive.
Blade Faryn: But as you said, we'll know for sure tomorrow
Brulant: Mmm… much insanity is ordered. And I do not mean to be blunt or rude by using that word.
Brulant: "Due to this she thought it was a sign from the void, that she could "hear whispers" which of course was not true....for some time."
Brulant: Do you think she still hears the whispers?
Blade Faryn: It's possible. I haven't really seen Sasha's ghost, and when I did she was merely dancing about.
Brulant: So would it be presumptuous to call her ghost also insane?
Brulant: *winces at the word* I hate that word. It's so ugly. Insane……
: adiomino nods
adiomino: She did not have a grasp of reality when i spoke to her.
adiomino: Or so it seemed.
Brulant: Do you think the voices keep her separated from her body? Adio, Blade?
adiomino: Let us discuss the voices further, friend.
Brulant: *smiles* I get ahead of myself.
Blade Faryn: Seeing how they had a hand in her end.. it's quite possible
adiomino: *nods* Yeah..
adiomino: This is all a bit for my innocent brain to process.. in all honosty
: adiomino ponders over Miiriam's words
Brulant: So… how do we go about convincing her that the voices aren't real?
adiomino: *shakes his head* Imagination really is a powerful principle isn't it..
Brulant: I believe that the point of our music has changed. We have to drown out the voices long enough for her to listen to us. But she must make the choice to come back.
Blade Faryn: *paces before getting struck by Minotous* ..
Brulant: All of the principles are powerful… but imagination is limitless. It's its nature.
Blade Faryn: You have a strong point there.
adiomino: *nods* Indeed. "Imagination is the arena in which anything can happen" Allow me to regress a bit. In my dream it seemed that not only did she not have a grasp on reality.. but she had created a
adiomino: new reality with her mind.
Blade Faryn: You don't suppose those voices were the ones to tell her of that reality?
adiomino: If i start to not make sense.. tell me. My thoughts are jumbled at the moment.
adiomino: The voices brought her to the void..
Brulant: Blade, the voices are herself.
Brulant: She, according to Miiriam, essentially tricked herself.
Brulant: *smiles* But you know what this means. She's 100% not truly dead.
Blade Faryn: Ah, then I've misunderstood her words
: adiomino shakes his head and he plops on the ground
adiomino: So brulant, what was your thinking on the purpose of our music in all this?
Brulant: What is it, Adio?
Brulant: Originally as something to draw her back. Now, I believe that it will silence the "voices" long enough for us to truly speak with her.
adiomino: You seem to think that the voices are still a distraction to her spirit.. Deterring her from reality. So the music would be used to drown out the voices
adiomino: Ah.. yes
Blade Faryn: Well then we're on the same page here.
Brulant: She got quite agitated during your dream, correct?
Brulant: So perhaps the music made the voices, the things she was using for guidance and support, leave her.
adiomino: Yes. She completely rejected the idea of "reality"
Brulant: Or, not leave her, but be silent
adiomino: *he ponders as he stares at sasha's body* It is true that the music was heard the entire time during our dream.
adiomino: And she still did not remember who she was.
: Blade Faryn rubs his chin as he thinks about all of this
adiomino: In fact, for some part of the dream she was actually playing the harp.
Brulant: Well, we'll just have to have a rational discussion with her.
adiomino: Heh.. I wonder how we'd go about doing this.
Blade Faryn: I feel like we're going to need something more than just the music... but I dont' know what at this point
Brulant: *snaps his fingers* Lucid dreaming!
Brulant: Group dreaming.
Brulant: That way we don't have to make her spirit corporeal.
Brulant: And if we have her consent, it will all be much easier to rebind the body to the soul.
adiomino: Hm.. go on Brulant. I'm interested in this idea.
Blade Faryn: It would be easier.. hopefully, if more of us were aroud to speak with her
Brulant: And I agree with Blade. We need more than the music.
adiomino: What do you suggest then?
adiomino: Heh.. nightshade.
Brulant: Lucid dreaming is essentially conscious dreaming. It unlocks the imagination and allows everything to happen.
Blade Faryn: .. I guess we will need a fair amount o nightshade for that yes...
Brulant: Perhaps something similar to nightshade. I doubt any of us would be sane enough to have a rational discussion with her after smoking some nightshade though *winks*
adiomino: *chuckles* Perhaps you're right.
Blade Faryn: *chuckles* At least we may be able to connect with her more easily if we were less sane?
Brulant: *shakes his head* We don't want to follow her down the paths of insanity. Although. That is intriguing……
adiomino: What else could produce the same effects as nightshade?
Blade Faryn: It's a risky path.
Brulant: Send someone, or someones, down after her while the rest remain sane?
Brulant: In a dream… anything is possible…
Brulant: Ask MasterB. If anyone knows, it's him.
adiomino: Was just about to suggest him..
adiomino: He's hard to get a hold of though.
adiomino: He drifts on and off. From imagination to reality.
Brulant: *nods* I could send him a note though.
Blade Faryn: The only time I've managed to find him was when he was asleep
Brulant: If you tie it to his face, he's sure to notice it when he awakes. *smiles*
Brulant: Alright, so our plan is coming together.
: adiomino shrugs
Blade Faryn: Slowly but surely.
Blade Faryn: Do you know what else Sasha was tied to heavily? Aside from her music?
Blade Faryn: Perhaps some sort of dance?
adiomino: The fountain of dark vibrations.
adiomino: A dance..? I don't remember her as a dancer
Brulant: *laughs* Waltz her right back into her body.
Blade Faryn: Her dancing as a ghost must be something new then..
adiomino: You've seen her ghost dancing?
Brulant: As have I
Blade Faryn: Yes. It's the only time I've seen her
Brulant: I quite like the idea of dancing with her during our dream.
Blade Faryn: And how hard would it be to... override her reality by fabricating the fountain in our dream?
Blade Faryn: Since we can't actually bring it here
Brulant: Well, there are more of us than there are of her.
adiomino: Not that I'm opposed to dancing with the colors of the wind in a dream..
adiomino: Though how is that supposed to help our situation?
Brulant: Get her to talk to us.
Brulant: It's all about getting her attention and getting her to come back.
Brulant: For we cannot, should not, force her to return.
: adiomino nods
adiomino: Alright then
Blade Faryn: So we attempt to dance with her to the harp music at the fountain then?
Brulant: I see it more this way. We slip into the dream, drown out the voices, then offer to dance with her, the slowly work her back to the Fountain.
Brulant: There we talk to her, and convince her to come back.
adiomino: *shrugs* Let us all materialize the entire scene then. The fountain, the talking rock.
Brulant: To slowly change and remold the dream while we dance.
Brulant: We need to isolate her from the "voices" *smiles* I like this plan.
adiomino: Hm... you have a stronger grasp of this dream idea than I. It was you two that formed it anyways.
Brulant: And it needs to be little by little… we can't shock her into running from us.
adiomino: But it does sound like you are on to something. Slowly remind her of who she was.
Brulant: But don't you see, Adio? Dreams allow us to unleash our imagination to it's fullest. Which is exactly what we need.
adiomino: She when she does actually return to her body, she is essentially sane. And she is "sasha lilias"
Blade Faryn nods slowly at all of this
adiomino: I see, Brulant.
Brulant: *snaps his fingers again* Replace her voices with ours. Then, she will be alive and sane again.
adiomino: Care to explain?
Brulant: If we bring her back, and she's still insane, our effort will have been for nought.
Brulant: So, we have to find away to eradicate the "voices" I was just thinking out loud.
adiomino: Indeed.. isn't that the purpose of doing everything we plan to do in the dream?
Brulant: *nods* Yeah, I suppose so.

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The Heavy Lead casket for sasha is ready now. (Thanks to brother Ravenstriders)
Grave is ready too..


Sasha get ready to be buried half-dead muhahaha. Don't ever think of Stopping this Quest hehe
and if resuscitators get in ur path they will suffer the same fate.
Don't underestimate us...
We r undertakers, we r silent reapers we don't make noise we just do it..
Team leader Grido sir its time to Strike back muhahaha

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[log=From TTL, Question 2, Day 50]
Miiriam: Sasha is not dead, yet she is not alive.
Sunfire: hah was it you that stroke without honor on me when i was defenseles
ElementalSage: ok brb in abit :)
vanaisa: not ready
vanaisa: i mean not set
Miiriam: To be able to bring Sasha back to a state of "living" you must have a balance.
Miiriam: Light and Dark balance, as do Water and fire, Earth and Air, all things must have a counter part.
Miiriam: Thus...for her to live there are three parts that must be balanced.
Miiriam: Mind, Body..and soul.
: Keida huggles Kiley
Miiriam: Her mind must wish to be brought back, and there must be another that wishes for her not to be.
Miiriam: Her body must be brought back from the grasp of black water, whilst anothers taken over by it...
Miiriam: Her body must be brought back from the grasp of black water, whilst anothers taken over by it...
Brute Heretic: Sounds like shes' got a rival if shes already dead
Miiriam: And finally...her soul must be brought back to a "living" state...but....another must.."die".
Miiriam: Without this balance she will die

[log=Same Place, Same time, When I showed up]
: TTL thinks for a moment what miiriam said before "Her body must be brought back from the grasp of black water, whilst anothers taken over by it..."
TTL: Her body is in the gazebo and you must be forced to go there...
Brulant: TTL. We do not force.
Brulant: *walks over and stands by Miiriam* Good morning, Miiriam.
TTL: (@ brulant taken over = To capture physically)
Miiriam: Hello Pointer...
: Brulant sends a note to TTL
Brulant: You're never going to forgive me for that, are you? *chuckles*
Miiriam: *shrugs* Forgive, yes. Forget, no. First impressions are always the most important.
Brulant: *nods and smiles* Wise words.
Ingenuitas Magnu.: the kiddies still raging ?
Brulant: *turns his head to looks at TTL* Either way, TTL. We do not force. Everything must be done of their own accord.
Brute Heretic: define raging?
Ingenuitas Magnu.: two hours ago you both were getting it off.... *amusing* lol
TTL: *looks at Brulant* But if in order to bring Sasha Lilias back to life we need to force we will not do it?
Brulant: Would you really sacrifice the life of one for another so easily?
: Phear Wolf starts to breath more calmly, his ears down as he falls asleep
TTL: *nods* Yes
aaront222: SHOUTS: Luuuppppuuuussss!!! *run up to her and epiccc huggg* !
Brute Heretic: and you'd give your own life before asking another?
Ingenuitas Magnu.: anyway I'm leaving the park bbs =) *smiles as the rebron sage leaves*
TTL: no
TTL: and i never said anything about asking
: Phear Wolf opens one of hois eyes, angrily staring at aaront
Brulant: That's despicable.
TTL: *grins* Thats the way you see it
Brute Heretic: i see, sounds more complicated than catching lighting if you ask me.
Brulant: Do you think it would work if we took an unwilling replacement
Miiriam: *looks between the two* I see cracks in the foundations....
TTL: I think that the replacement need to be unwilling for it to work
TTL: if somebody is willing to die it will not work
Brulant: *glances over his shoulder at Miiriam* It's called free thought. After we iron these out we will be unified. It just shows that we're thinking.
Miiriam: We shall see....
TTL: Brulant i already know miiriam is the one that needs to die...
Brulant: *grins* And besides, TTL is a newer member to our cause. He's more like one of those fancy pillars than the foundation.
Brulant: *looks back at TTL* As did we, TTL.
Brulant: xrieg has surmised as much for a long time.
Brulant: But morally, most of us stand against it. There has to be another way.
TTL: It is in her own words that the replacement needs to be taken over
Brulant: It is our last resort, TTL
TTL: I rest my case then
TTL: If you think moral is more important than logic... i rest my case
Brulant: *turns back to Miiriam* Did TTL use our question for the day?
Miiriam: It is amazing....how words when spoken must be constructed correctly for the listener...
Miiriam: Otherwise they may perceive the answer wrongly....
Miiriam: *nods Brulant* Yes
Brulant: Normally I'd agree with you, TTL. But when dealing with lives, I tend to trod the more moral path.
Miiriam: He did.
Brulant: Even a few weeks ago I would have agreed with you unconditionally, but not now.
Brulant: And, we need to discuss it. We do not decide things we just two people of the group.
TTL: I know... i just stated what i was thinking
Brulant: I know *smiles* I'm not trying to chew you out or anything.
: TTL grins
: Brulant sighs and stands up
Miiriam stands silently
Miiriam: I shall make my departure now.
Miiriam: *picks up her bag and salvaged pictures* Farewell...
Brulant: Goodbye, Miiriam, and thank you for shedding more light on the topic.

Edited by Brulant
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[log=Removal of Black Water]
Grido: but the problem you have with something you don't know about, is that...you don't know what might happen if you leave the body out, either
adiomino: I believe that sasha's body will remain contaminated as long as she holds memories of the black water. But removal of black water has to do with her vulnerability and the memories associated with
Kiley: *looks over to Grido, then back to Blade* Is she contagious?
adiomino: black water.
adiomino: *he ponders and mumbles* Imagination
Blade Faryn: We're not sure Kiley.
Grido: Unknown, nobody around here seems to be showing too obvious signs of contamination though
Blade Faryn: If anyone, Adio would have probably shown signs... seeing how often he's been down here lately
Kiley: *cocks her head* Depends on incubation time I suppose.
adiomino: Black water is a transformative liquid.. and sasha is essentially its user although she has died from it. Because from her own memories and insane imagination it manifested in her body correct?
adiomino: So black water is not something to be removed physically..
: Kiley sits down, listening
adiomino: *turns to Blade* Perhaps sasha can remove it herself.
adiomino: *shrugs* With help of course
Grido: Prepared to take the risk?
: Blade Faryn nods to Adio
Grido: If she can't, then the soul might get currupted as well
adiomino: More like willing to, Grido *smiles*
Grido: the seperation is much like a protection mechanism
Blade Faryn: What's a challenge without some risk?
Grido: When it's someone's life in the balance, you mean?
Kiley: So by dispersing the "black water" you chance condeming her soul as well?
Grido: No, by rejoining the soul to the body, you chance it
Grido: and unless the soul is part of the body, the soul cannot have any chance of dispersing it
adiomino: *motions his hand* I'm thinking of how this would backfire
Kiley: ohh, then those that love her would loose her forever? Perhaps.
adiomino: You have a point, Grido.
Grido: I'm glad
: adiomino he ponders
Grido: That you are thinking of them, I mean
adiomino: Sasha must erase the memories associating her with black water.
adiomino: Or rather, let them go.
: Blade Faryn nods slowly at all of this
adiomino: *shrugs and whispers to Blade* I'll need to ask someone who knows a bit more than I do..
adiomino: And who holds more experience
Grido: Someone in mind?
adiomino: *turns and smiles to Grido* Perhaps mya or amoran.
Blade Faryn: *nods once more* That might be the best thing to do right now.
: sasha lilias the ghost, fades away into nothing
: Blade Faryn stares over where the ghost was once dancing, thinking
sasha lilias: (Remember to post onto the forums if you wish RP to be counted (:)
adiomino: Grido do you happen to know someone i could ask?
adiomino: Yes
adiomino: I saw ailith around yesterday.
adiomino: If I'm extremely lucky I'll see her today
Blade Faryn: I don't suppose any Necrovions might know?
Grido: And hopefully she'll be around more frequently, I've missed her
adiomino: *shakes his head* Hm..
adiomino: Me too grido
Grido: Ailith would be good to ask

: adiomino he motions child and whispers to him
adiomino: Black water..
Miiriam: Black Blood?
Miiriam: *raises a finger to Adi* He has asked his question..
Eldar Doomspell: Miiriam, are you a sage?
adiomino: *frowns and sighs* Alright..
Miiriam: *looks back towards the man* I assume you ment Black..water.
Miiriam: Once the water has entered the body it manifests itself into what ever form the user imagines.
Miiriam: In most cases this is the water poisoning their insides, thus it covers all major organs.
Miiriam: Once this has happened....completely...only Granos would know how to remove such a thing.
adiomino: *mumbles* Then the black water will not be removed.. but it should be changed to a harmless state.
Miiriam: For someone other than Granos to try and remove this...abomination...would be like a dog doing tooth surgery on someone...
Miiriam: Nothing good would come of it.
*Burns*: *sighs* And we just leave out Braiton, right?
: adiomino nods to Miiriam
Miiriam: Braiton was not the creator, Granos was *she says as she looks at Burns* .

adiomino: Mya, shall we go on about discussing the removal of black water?
*Mya Celestia*: How long has the person been infected?
adiomino: Hm..
adiomino: A few weeks
adiomino: *he ponders* Two
*Mya Celestia*: *shakes her head* Not good
adiomino: *frowns* Time is a big factor, then isn't it?
*Mya Celestia*: Yes
*Mya Celestia*: but...
adiomino: Well.. sasha lilias has been in a state above equilibrium. Her body not decaying at all as time passes by.
*Mya Celestia*: Tell me what you think Black Water is first.
adiomino: Ah.. *smiles*
adiomino: I believe that black water is a manifestation.. first of all an abomination. It is a transformative liquid that takes advantage of one's imagination and manifests into one that is vulnerable to it.
adiomino: It transforms according to the affected's imagination and memories associated with it.
*Mya Celestia*: You can quote the information, but do you understand it?
adiomino: *chuckles* You caught me.. though only have of it was quoted. Well the way i see it..
adiomino: Is that sasha was for one insane.. her mind was vulnerable and the black water took control of her mind.
adiomino: She had a vivid imagination.
adiomino: It appeared to her in the form of voices..
adiomino: They controlled her thoughts and eventually led her to her death.
*Mya Celestia*: You know that Black Water is a spell right?
: adiomino nods
adiomino: A spell doc
*Mya Celestia*: Do you know who cast it?
adiomino: Who cast it? Hm.. well granos was the creator and he used it to his will. So did Braiton.
*Mya Celestia*: I mean on sasha
adiomino: Hm..
adiomino: I do not. Though i believe she came to the fountain of dark vibrations to.. well she succumbed to the black water there. As far as i know
*Mya Celestia*: *shakes her head* It doesn't work that way.
adiomino: Ah..
*Mya Celestia*: The fountain of dark vibrations doesn't contain black water.
adiomino: Hm..
*Mya Celestia*: I'm afraid at this point you've got a lot of jumbled information.
adiomino: That certainly leaves me confused
: adiomino nods
adiomino: Well then.. what is in the fountain of dark vibrations? Sagewoman told me something.. but i must have forgotten.
ChildOfTheSoul listens to the conversation
*Mya Celestia*: At one time it was tainted.
*Mya Celestia*: Taint is different from black water
adiomino: Interesting.. Mya could you explain the taint? I'm foggy on that.
*Mya Celestia*: Well
*Mya Celestia*: *exhales with a slight frown* I'm not sure it would help you
*Mya Celestia*: Much of what happens in this realm is of the mind. Essentially sasha has to have the will to get better.
: adiomino nods slowly
adiomino: So.. if she wishes it then the black water will disappear?
*Mya Celestia*: You might be able to delute the black water, but in the end it's up to her.
ChildOfTheSoul: so will controls everything...
*Mya Celestia*: Yes

Edited by adiomino
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This happened before Adio's stuff

[log=More Logs!! O.o]
: Brulant chuckles
adiomino: Warning?
TTL: Does Sasha Lilias mind want to be alive again or not?
Brulant: "And finally...her soul must be brought back to a "living" state...but....another must.."die"."
Brulant: Wait wait wait, TTL. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Brulant: (Adio, there are new logs up)
Brulant: (The old one called "Trapping Sunfire" is why he's angry)
TTL: Thats the beggining Brulant i think
Brulant: I wish to address something that I noticed though.
Brulant: Die was said as if figuratively. Like "die" *makes air quotation marks with his fingers*
Brulant: And Miiriam also said, "Otherwise they may perceive the answer wrongly"
Brulant: So let's not jump to conclusions.
Brulant: We're working on a way to be able to talk to Sasha. During that talk we will find out whether or not she wants to live again, and we even might be able to persuade her.
Brulant: But it has to be her choice, otherwise I do not support our actions.
adiomino: *shrugs* It has to be her choice anyways for our ritual to work.
~~Missed this part~~
Brulant: I've heard "black water" mentioned before, but I have no idea what it refers to.
TTL: wait wait she disappeared because she wants to remain dead
Brulant: We didn't actually try to move her.
TTL: I think it reffers to the underground
adiomino: Let me share what i know about it.
: adiomino produces a few old pieces of parchment and proceeds to read off of them
adiomino: "After the water covered all the internal organs of the subject, the liquid continues to flood, turning them into solid black shapes, separate from the subject's body. "
adiomino: "Balck Water isn't actualy a real element. Its reality is in the imagination of the user and is amplified by the vulnerability of the subject..
adiomino: ...The user of this malevolent device shouldn't keep memories of using it, for those memories would turn inside his body."
adiomino: In essence, it is a transformative liquid.
adiomino: Sagewoman has told me that the fountain of dark vibrations is filled with black water.
Brulant: Interesting.
adiomino: I'm still puzzled on what Miiriam said about her being brought back on the grasp of black water.
adiomino: *nods* It is.
Brulant: As am I…
: adiomino he kneels down next to the body of sasha lilias as his mind wanders deep in thought
TTL: *sits down* What if the user of this device can talk with Sasha adiomino?
adiomino: *his head turns* What do you mean?
Brulant: It's an inner spell doc too.
TTL: You described a device with black water
Brulant: "Black Water is formed out of energetic debris brought into an inert form and then condensed into a black, thick, homogenous liquid with a slippery aspect."
Brulant: The fountain? The fountain is just where Sasha "died" *again makes air quotes*
Brulant: And I don't really want to follow her.
TTL: I do
: adiomino nods
Brulant: TTL, if you "die" as well and we can't figure out how to bring Sasha back. You'll be stuck.
~~Keep missing bits, sorry everyone, I really need to get a log capture spell~~
Brulant: Without killing you.
Brulant: How do you know that you'll be able to come back?
Brulant: Furthermore, we don't really know what Black Water does.
Brulant: And we can't afford to lose anyone.
TTL: *takes a puzzled expression* I dont
TTL: Maybe this is what we need to ask tomorrow
TTL: how to contact sasha...
Brulant: Oh, we know away. Adio's done it through dreams.
adiomino: How do you two plan on using the black water? You seem to think that using it can bring you to a different realm.. in particular the one where sasha's spirit is.
Brulant: (read the end of log three on the three log post)
Brulant: I don't plan on using it. I don't know enough, and therefore will leave it alone.
adiomino: *shakes his head* Then sasha will no be able to be brought back
adiomino: I will do my best to learn more about black water for now..
Brulant: ^to try and follow her.
adiomino: Hm.. Whats that?
Brulant: I'm trying to think who would know about it……
TTL: Adio you talked with sasha threw dreams?
adiomino: *nods* Yes
TTL: Did you ask her if she wants to be alive or not?
adiomino: I couldn't.. she did not seem to know she was dead.
Grido smiles
Brulant: From what Adio told me, it seemed that she refused to even acknowledge that she wasn't in our reality.
adiomino: *he ponders in his thoughts* Well.. she seemed to be at war with herself.. When i mentioned the idea of her being dead she started crying
Brulant: Good morning… Grido.
adiomino: And she ran off eventually in tears.
TTL: Adio do you have something that belongs to her?
Grido: morning
adiomino: The harp was hers.
adiomino: *nods to Grido* G'morning
TTL: Did you try to use it to show her that she is dead?
Brulant: *smacks Adio's arm gently* For shame! You made a women cry.
TTL: Morning Grido *waves*
adiomino: I believe that part of her may know she is dead. But she rejects the idea.
: sasha lilias the ghost, stands beside her body
: adiomino chuckles
TTL: Then use the item to force her into seeing the truth
: Grido tilts his head at the ghost, smiling
adiomino: *nods* That is what I've been trying.. to do
Brulant: TTL, if you had been a part of our talks from a few weeks ago, you would know this.
Grido: So you attempt her acceptance? Of what has happened?
TTL: (i had personal issues i am sorry)
Grido: intrigueing
: Brulant nonchalantly stands between Grido and Sasha's body
adiomino: *he closes his eyes for a moment in deep concentration* In the dream she seemed to know that the harp was hers.
Grido: Personally if I was trying to get her back to life I'd steer her her away from the idea of death, but that's just me
Brulant: (not trying to blame you TTL =( )
Grido: and why should you trust me? after all, i'm trying to keep her that way
Brulant: But you aren't. You're trying to steer her towards death.
Brulant: So does that mean you're steering her away from the idea of life?
Brulant: If I were you, that's why I would do.
TTL: adiomino i have an idea
Grido: If she accepts death, she's more likely to stay there *shrugs*
adiomino: Funny grido, If i were you I'd do the same but for a different cause. To keep her dead.
Grido: because i oppose you, i cannot speak sense?
adiomino: Please share what you have to share, TTL
Brulant: I don't think any of us said that you do not speak sense Grido.
Grido: If you accept something, it makes it more real, after all
TTL: Adiomino in the dream world if you destroy an object is it destroyed in reality as well?
Grido: so if she accepts death, the death becomes more real, and she's more likely to stay dead
: sasha lilias the ghost, turns around facing another figure
: sasha lilias there before the ghost stands another, the form familier to that of Grido
adiomino: *shakes his head* What kind of object?
TTL: She is not dead... We need to convince her both things... she is not alive nor dead
TTL: The harp
: sasha lilias the ghost, smiles and goes to hug the other....but it fades before her arms can move..
Grido: *tilts his head again* humhum
TTL: You can destroy the harp and then go back and show her that nothing happened to it
adiomino: Interesting idea..
Brulant: Let's not destroy the harp. We need it.
TTL: In the dream
TTL: he will destroy it in the dream
: sasha lilias another shape appears behind sasha's ghost
sasha lilias this one is robed and holds an odd looking weapon in one hand, a gauntlet in the other
: sasha lilias the ghost, turns and reaches out for the robed figure
sasha lilias the figure turns, weapon poised to strike and the ghost quickly hides her face, waiting for the impact
: adiomino turns his head to stare intently at the ghost's silhouette
adiomino: Her murderer? *he mumbles*
: sasha lilias the ghost, moves her hand after waiting..only to see the hooded figure is gone and now, in it's place, sits Adi....a harp sat before him
: sasha lilias the ghost, smiles..before Adi's ghost disappears from sight
: adiomino he smiles at his own silhouette
: sasha lilias the ghost's face becomes that of a sad lady, and she begins her would around the gazebo
Grido: humhum
: Brulant reaches out an arm as Sasha's ghost walks by
Brulant: Ghost… one moment?
adiomino: *turns to Brulant and whispers* What did that figure show us? The one figure holding the weapon and something else.. in its hand.
Grido: Death...
Grido: The one that looked familiar to me, they're more curious to me
Brulant: *whispers back, still waiting for the Ghost to acknowledge him* I have no idea. It may have been death, it might have been fear, it may have been something that lives in all of us, it may have been
Brulant: someone we knew.
adiomino: Grido might you know who that was?
Grido: They look familiar, but the name escapes me...
Grido: I will think on it
: sasha lilias the ghost continues her walk around the Gazebo...blind to the real world
: adiomino nods slowly
Brulant: Even though we are on opposite sides, it doesn't mean that we have to be enemies. *smiles at Grido* Please let us know what you discover.
Brulant: *lowers his arm* Ah… so she can't see us.
Grido: I have no enemies *smiles*
Grido: Not anymore, at any rate
Brulant: *laughs* Alright then.
: Tipu marches in along with his rusted armor clak clak clik
Brulant: *sighs* Hello, Tipu.
Tipu: *salutes Team leader Grido* Sir yes sir
Tipu: hi Brulant
Grido: *smiles and nods* Tipu
: Tipu points Team leader to the newly dug Grave
: Tipu drags the Newly made Lead Casket near the grave
Grido: *smiles* nice work
Tipu: *waves the Flag of Team Undertakers and starts laughing* muhahaha
: Brulant looks over at Adio
Brulant: Tipu, what does your flag look like?
Brulant: And I was also wondering, why lead?
Tipu: Why lead? thats secret hehe
Brulant: I would assume so it would poison the body slowly, but Sasha's body seems pretty safe from harm.
: Tipu looks at Grido with evil grins
adiomino: You dragged that here all by yourself Tipu?
Brulant: Thirdly, I don't know how suitable this is for a grave spot. Look at all the cracks in the ground.
Grido: poison the body slowly? what do you take me for?
Brulant: Not a fool *grins*
Tipu: Yep i draged myself alone ( ...
Brulant: I'm just trying to figure out why lead.
~~Was away~~
sasha lilias: (Unreactive?)
sasha lilias: (:D)
adiomino: *smirks* This little guessing game is fun..
Brulant: And how'd you dig through this stone…
adiomino: You two would bury someone that isn't truly dead?
Brulant: Oh! I know! If we superheated it it would make for an awesome clay glaze.
: Brulant laughs
Grido: *smirks* combine a few of those answers, there's an additional property you've still overlooked currently
Tipu: *looks at sasha* thats good she is mummified already hehe
Brulant: You must have had an amazing shovel, can I see it?
Brulant: Besides the poisonous one?
adiomino: And what would happen to her wandering soul after you buried her body?
Brulant: Lead preserves.
Tipu: i didn't use a shovel but..
Tipu: i used my wepon itself... *takes his rusted sword from its sheath and points at brulant*
: Brulant walks over to examine the coffin
Brulant: Oh please, put the weapon down. There's no need for violence.
Grido: aside from poisonous, I'm pretty certain Sasha's body is poisoned otherwise anyway, lead wouldn't do worse
Brulant: *taps the coffin* Quite remarkable. Come see Adio.
: Tipu puts his sword back in his sheath
Tipu: ho yes take a good look cos soon ur friend will be buried alive muhaha
Grido: not alive
Grido: she is not living, after all
Tipu: ho yes half dead hehe
Brulant: Hmm. A quick correction Grido. *winks at him*
adiomino: *walks over next to Brulant, he address Tipu and grido while examining the coffin* Neither of you have yet to address my question about her soul after the burial.
Grido: I must have missed it
Tipu: actually i don't care about her soul....
Brulant: *places his hands on one side of the coffin while he peers at the top* Does this say RIP?
: Brulant laughs
adiomino: *nods slowly* What would happen to her wandering soul after the burial?
Grido: You asked what would happen to it?
adiomino: Yes
Brulant: Tipu! How callous of you.
Grido: That would be up to her
Tipu: all i care is the Gold she is holding hehe
adiomino: Its often my belief that once the body is buried the soul will be able to rest in peace wherever it wants.
adiomino: But she is not dead..
Tipu: i will take all her wealth, gold after she is gone muahaha
Grido: lead is heavy you said, or dense, for another word
Brulant: Then this is not about burying the dead, nor does it have any honor in it for you Tipu.
adiomino: *shakes his head* Sasha lilias seems to not be able to move from this one location while this body is here..
adiomino: I wonder if she'd be stuck here.
Grido: She doesn't seem very stuck as it is
Brulant: She can't leave the Underground.
Grido: I've seen her break the barriers of this cavern, after all
Tipu: Honor ...haha it is not in my dictionary...
Grido: Time tests all things
Tipu: all i care is gold gold and more gold hehe
adiomino: That's a terrible existence..
Brulant: Grido. A question. Why do you wish to bury the body?
adiomino: Tipu, that is disgusting. *sighs*
Brulant: I second that.
Grido: Every culture has their customs
Brulant: And each person has their own beliefs
Grido: indeed
Tipu: Its is just my first plan more evil plans is going to be unleashed hehe
Brulant: Respect for life happens to be one of mine.
Brulant: Tipu, how did you carry this thing? *knocks on the coffin*
Grido: But she is not alive
Brulant: Her soul is.
Grido: How do you know if bringing her back from half-death would not be detrimental?
Brulant: And her body does not decay.
Tipu: thanks to the wonderfull rusted armor...
Brulant: How do you know that it won't?
Grido: and currupt her soul as well?
Brulant: (will^)
Brulant: Mya's done it.
Grido: well, how did she die?
Tipu: when the legendary army general KC gifted me this rusted armor i was angry with him..
Brulant: From herself.
Tipu: but soon i came to know that the armor was not for battle but for its magic ..
Grido: something to do with the Black Water, no?
Tipu: with the help of this armor u can easy to move heavy objects hehe
Brulant: Her own mind killed her in the end.
Grido: but the start
Brulant: *turns to Tipu* That sounds marvelous! Might I try it on for a small moment?
Brulant: Still her own mind. She went insane. Black water holds her. Whatever that means.
Grido: yes
Grido: so the Black Water has vanished from the body?
Grido: Or might it still be there?
Tipu: No way i have signed a bloodpact with commander i can't remove my armor ...untill ur mission ends..
Brulant: Grido, I'm so young that I barely even know what Black Water is.
Brulant: What about just a gauntlet then?
: Blade Faryn comes on across the bridge, surprised to see this many people here
Grido: That is understandable, but I ask, if the black water holds her, caused her insanity, is it likely to have left her?
Grido: The gauntlet is an old, old friend of mine *smiles*
adiomino: (eh was afk warming my hands)
Grido: Or represents him
Brulant: Not of it's own accord. But that's why we're here. Your solution is to just bury her and forget her? If it's so easy as to remove the black water from her why haven't you done it?
Brulant: This is not answering why you decide to bury her
Grido: Forget? no
: Blade Faryn furrows his brow and glances between Grido and Brulant, taking in what is currently happening
Tipu: why bury her? cos we r evil hehe hope that answers u brulant
Grido: And it'snot easy to remove the black water, I donot know away

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I wish we had a log of the Dream, and of our meeting with Light. This is what followed after. There is sort of a summary of the dream later in the log, but you know how it is with dreams. The details fade away fast :P

[log=After the Dream]
Brulant: *lays back and looks to Adio* Her… harp.
Brulant: The… fake one.
sasha lilias: (If someone can put it onto the forum it would be great ^^)
adiomino: *nods slowly* Brulant take time to catch your breath.
Blade Faryn: I had a feeling that had something to do with her state..
Brulant: (we'll work on it. I wasn't keeping a log this time, maybe Grido or Dst or someone could grab it)
: Brulant nods thankfully to Adio
ChildOfTheSoul: (my net crashed. sorry for all the misplaced comments)
Brulant: *opens his mouth to speak* In her dream, when I hit the bone-harp.
: Brulant looks at his hand where small indents, as if from strings, can still be seen
: Blade Faryn peers at Brulant's hand, frowning
Brulant: It felt like something sank into me… and the harp itself felt funny.
Brulant: Like… stretchy.
Blade Faryn: Do you think we need to find a way to destroy that?
adiomino: Hm.. Perhaps that harp is where that black substance entered you.
Brulant: I think that the harp was a manifestation of… Light, as she *rolls his head towards Princess Katt* called it.
Brulant: By the way… what is your name?
Princess Katt: I don't know if we CAN destroy it, maybe it is part of her?
Brulant: But… it was in me… so it can leave her.
Blade Faryn: Which means it can be destroyed
Brulant: Perhaps not. Remember what Miiriam said. Three way balance, one must take her place.
Blade Faryn: But.. in other words that means someone would have to take that stuff into themselves
Blade Faryn: unless we find some other way around it.
Princess Katt: I think that would be very dangerous, you see what happened to Brulant
adiomino: Funny.. how even though it was inside Brulant nothing seemed to have changed
adiomino: between the soul and the body.
Brulant: Maybe… if we all took small portions of it.
Brulant: She took it back, Adio
Blade Faryn: .. If it is broken up it may have less power over each of us
adiomino: *shakes his head* For a moment you were the one that had it. Either there was still black water left manifesting her body
ChildOfTheSoul: wouldn't it be better to compromise one than all?
adiomino: or ... eh
Princess Katt: We would have to try to recreate the dream somehow.
Brulant: It did not feel as if I had all of it. Light talked to us after I hit the harp.
adiomino: And no.. that is dangerous. Yes sure.. lets all drop dead for the sake of one.
ChildOfTheSoul: rather than, I mean. I hear it takes over even in very small amounts.
Blade Faryn: Would it still be worth it if we had to have one person take it all?
Brulant: So what. Do we stuff it all into Miiriam, then bury her in their lead coffin?
adiomino: Hm.. Miiriam
ChildOfTheSoul: why Miriam?
Princess Katt: Maybe there is some other way to neutralize it without putting it in someone else.
Brulant: Because Miiriam knows everything about Sasha.
Blade Faryn: Again... is it really worth sacrificing someone else over this?
ChildOfTheSoul: it takes affect according to the victims' imagination.
ChildOfTheSoul: maybe sasha can teach herself to control it?
Princess Katt: What would happen if we coaxed her out into the sunlight?
adiomino: *laughs sarcastically* Who has been known to control such an abomination.. ever?
Brulant: I wonder why she thought that I was her brother…
Blade Faryn: You and Adio, Brulant
Brulant: Yes, both of us.
ChildOfTheSoul: no one.
adiomino: Besides granos and braiton.
Brulant: Yes, both of us.
ChildOfTheSoul: were Granos and braiton themselves infected?
Brulant: Did the field we were in look like the Tranquil Plains? Or was it just me.
adiomino: Brulant, that was her sanctuary. There was a mum and dad too.
adiomino: And when we appeared we became part of her fake reality.
Brulant: I wonder who the parents were.
Brulant: But why us, Adio? Because we were the first to approach her?
adiomino: Figments of her imagination. Characters created by her to assume roles in her reality.
adiomino: I'm not sure.
Blade Faryn: You two have been watching over her the most it seems
adiomino: But i was her brother when i first contacted her in my dream, alone.
Blade Faryn: down here I mean.
adiomino: Seems likely Blade.
Brulant: Interesting……
adiomino: We've made contact with her body..
Brulant: And made contact with Light.
ChildOfTheSoul: *ponders for a moment* why do infected always unconsciously assume something negative with the black water?
Brulant: Sasha has paralyzed… herself…
adiomino: We've both made contact with her body before. And it is evident that her soul realizes and feels our touch. Perhaps she made a connection with us, Brulant.
adiomino: What do you mean, Child?
Brulant: *nods at Adio's words* Perhaps.
Blade Faryn: Her ghost was crying when you were moving her Adio.
Blade Faryn: So that is possible
adiomino: I have noticed.
ChildOfTheSoul: I mean, as far as I can tell, the effect that the black water has on us is determined independently on our own imaginations and connotations of the effect the water will have on us. Why always negativ
ChildOfTheSoul: e>
Blade Faryn: Possibly because of what Miiriam told us
ChildOfTheSoul: paralysis, insanity, death.
Blade Faryn: But
adiomino: Perhaps because negative feelings are what manifests us all below the surface. Sure, we may all seem friendly on the inside but we may also harbor unpleasant feelings and negative emotions.
Brulant: Oh, of course. There's not doubt of that.
ChildOfTheSoul: hm... we're all paranoid of something.
Brulant: So does black water take on aspects of ourself?
ChildOfTheSoul: "fear is what drives us" maybe it preys upon our deepest fears.
Blade Faryn: Not sure.
adiomino: Let's think back on what we saw in our dream..
Blade Faryn: Brulant hwat were you feeling exactly when you had some of it in you?
Brulant: Not much besides pain and confusion.
Brulant: But for now. let's think back on our dream.
ChildOfTheSoul: (I missed half of it, what happened at the end?)
adiomino: (afkk again)
Princess Katt: She tried to talk me into walking over the edge, remember?
Blade Faryn: Lets see... we were in a grassy field and she was happy until Adio started to play the harp...
ChildOfTheSoul: I was there when that happened :P
Brulant: Then it all went downhill.
Blade Faryn: Then the field started to die and the bone harp appeared.
Blade Faryn: We reappeared here.. though without her body and a black form was circling the gazebo around us.
Brulant: I reached for the bone harp and struck it's strings.
Brulant: The sound made her happy, but when I did it again, she got mad.
Brulant: She called us all liars.
Princess Katt: The field had started to die when someone picked a flower... who did that?
Blade Faryn: yes. And that's when we came back to the 'gazebo'
Brulant: No, no, that was afterwards.
Brulant: We tried to control the dream
Brulant: Then came the flowerpicking.
Blade Faryn: Right.
Brulant: She told us that if we wanted to dream, we could dream forever.
ChildOfTheSoul: (okay, then I didn't miss anything.)
Blade Faryn: Ah yes.
Brulant: Then we were here in the Gazebo, but we weren't actually "here"
Brulant: It was another dream.
Blade Faryn: we were still dreaming.
Princess Katt: Yeah, dream forever by plunging into the void!
Blade Faryn: And we found out that Light is a different entity from Sasha
Brulant: Then "Light" spoke with us, and tried to smash the Harp.
Blade Faryn: when the music stopped, she was able to leave
Brulant: When the harps song was dulled, we all started to wake up.
ChildOfTheSoul: why would it try to smash something so valuable?
Brulant: Oh! And I punches Blade in the face.
adiomino: Katt, why did you name it "light"?
Blade Faryn: .. Yes
Princess Katt: I thought that by naming her "Light" it would make her friendlier.
Blade Faryn: Yes you did. And that hurt.
ChildOfTheSoul: I was there for all that :)
ChildOfTheSoul: I accidentally said we were dreaming.
adiomino: Hm.. I see *nods*
Princess Katt: The name "Light" did seem to soften her a bit....
Brulant: Sorry Blade.
Brulant: Anyone have anything else to add?
Blade Faryn: Pain is real in a dream.
Blade Faryn: And... we're going to need to find a way to keep the music going
Blade Faryn: next time we try anything
Brulant: She was able to make us sleepwalk, but Sasha paralyzed herself so Light couldn't kill her.
ChildOfTheSoul: and we shouldn't piss sasha off.
Blade Faryn: Not Sasha. Light
Blade Faryn: Sasha saved Brulant.
Brulant: Sasha is the ghost. Light is whatever is in her.
Brulant: No, I take it back. Sasha is in there too along with Light.
Brulant: But Light seems to be stronger.
Brulant: Or I suppose you could make an argument that Light is masquerading as Sasha in her body…
Brulant: Hmm...
Blade Faryn: It's hard to say
Brulant: Ghost = Good. Body = Good. Mind = BAD.
Blade Faryn: Or something like that
adiomino: When did light start to appear?
adiomino: Or after what
Blade Faryn: In our dream or in general?
Brulant: Well, was Light Sasha when she was confused about us being brothers? Did Light cast us into the void? Or did Sasha?
Brulant: Did Light appear with the Dream Harp?
adiomino: the dream
Brulant: Or when we arrived at the false Gazebo?
Blade Faryn: Light might have been the bone harp
Blade Faryn: Light could have been the Sasha in that dream as well
Brulant: Maybe all Light wants is a body.
Blade Faryn: To possess someone?
Blade Faryn: ..
Blade Faryn: That might explain what Miiriam said as well
Brulant: She is in the grasp of Black Water……
Brulant: *lays back on the ground* I am going to rest for a while… While we didn't bring her back, we still learned a lot. Good work everyone.
Blade Faryn: *Nods* That we have.
Blade Faryn: Though while we answered some questions.. many more came up to take their place.
Blade Faryn: Rest well Brulant.
Brulant: *laughs* That they have...
: Brulant slips into sleep, a little worried at what might meet him there

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[log=Worried 'Bout a Lead Coffin]

sasha lilias the ghost, turns and looks at her body
Brulant: *peers through the darkness* Does anyone see the coffin?
Blade Faryn: I hadn't seen it. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.
: Brulant makes a disgruntled sound
Belexar: Why do I have the feeling something big hapened here while I was sleeping?
Blade Faryn: It depends on what you consider big.
Blade Faryn: No fights broke out if that's what you're thinking
Blade Faryn: Unless you count one punch to the face.
Brulant: It was certainly trippy and rather frightening.
Belexar: Well, There are several strong beings standing there, looking for something, talking about a coffin...
Brulant: *grumbles* I said I was sorry…
: Blade Faryn grins at Brulant
Blade Faryn: Ah. Well some are looking to bury Sasha lilias
Brulant: And I'm looking to stop them. Strong?
Brulant: *turns to the other Resurrectionists* If we can find some limewater or some magnesium hydroxide or even some pureish fluorine or chlorine we can ruin the coffin.
Brulant: Or we could just get some rope and a log, tie the rope around the coffin, and then use the log as a lever on one of the pillars to create huge amounts of torque and drag it off the edge.
Brulant: Oh, and the rope would have to be tied to the log, of course. *chuckles*
Brulant: We could also use special lake water or some very basic dirt, but I don't know if that can be found here.
Brulant: If someone was growing cabbage somewhere, the soil would dissolve lead.
Blade Faryn: I'm sure there's a cabbage farm somewhere around here.
Brulant: I dunno, how often do you see people eating cabbage?
Blade Faryn: Maybe.
Blade Faryn: Not often. But maybe Windy would know.
Blade Faryn: She serves food too right?
Brulant: And the dirt would take a long time. Days. Do you want to stay here and rub dirt on a lead coffin for days?
Blade Faryn: Not really.
Blade Faryn: Dumping the coffin off the edge might be easiest... if the coffin were here
Ravenstrider: Still believing she's dead?
Blade Faryn: Us or her?
Ravenstrider: No will power at all.
Ravenstrider: Both.
Ravenstrider: Isn't she with us?
Ravenstrider: Or we with her...
Brulant: Oh look, it's Mr. Lets-beat-her-with-a-cane.
Ravenstrider: What? Don't say you didn't have fun...
Blade Faryn: I think that was more because of the nightshade than anything else..
Ravenstrider: It resulted in you with some nightshade in your system, if I recall correctly.
Brulant: I don't really even remember anything before the dream.
Blade Faryn: There were shiny lights.
Brulant: And… candy mountain?
Blade Faryn: ... Was there? *furrows his brow trying to remember*
Brulant: *screws up his face as he tries to remember* Unicorns in a hole?
Brulant: And… really bad Hamlet references?
Ravenstrider: Perhaps
Ravenstrider: I left after I saw the pretty lights and got everyone to smoke nightshade...
Blade Faryn: maybe it's better that our memory is a bit hazy there
Belexar: you peope smoke nightshade? That's dangerous, you know?
Brulant: I think… I think we ate it.
Brulant: Or sucked on it.
Ravenstrider: Lies, all lies.
Blade Faryn: we didn't smoke it.
Belexar: That's a lot worse.
Belexar: I heard it can make shades hunt you down!
Blade Faryn: That might explain why I felt so horrible afterwards.
Brulant: I really can't remember. I remember being in the dream though.
Blade Faryn: Same.
Belexar: Wait, you were in the same dream?
Belexar: That's... Strangely that's quite common these days.
Brulant: It was a group experience. *sketches a rainbow with his hands*
Belexar: You know what's funny? I came here last night because I was following you. Or just some of you. I can't tell who I was following, but he, or she, took me here.
Belexar: So... this coffin of yours... Who's inside?
Blade Faryn: No one right now.
Blade Faryn: And hopefully it'll stay that way
Blade Faryn: Grido there and his helpers are wanting to put Sasha in.
Belexar: Who's sasha?
: Blade Faryn points to the body at the center of the gazebo
Belexar: Ah...
: Belexar walks towards the body
: Brulant stands between the body and Belexar
: Belexar pokes sasha and puts his fingers in her neck
Blade Faryn: She's kind of in stasis at the moment.
Blade Faryn: Or limbo
Brulant: *gently pushes Belexar away with his foot* Sorry, kind let you do that until I know what side you're on.
Belexar: Side? I didn't even know there were sides in this business!
Brulant: There are sides in every business!
Belexar: Why woud they do that?
Blade Faryn: .. I have mentioned this yes.
Belexar: She's still alive!
Blade Faryn: It's what the coffin is for
Ravenstrider: In principle, a bunch of deluded people playing music and smoking nightshade.
Blade Faryn: sort of.
Ravenstrider: It's a lot of fun...
Blade Faryn: Grido feels that burying her would be best, to free her soul.
Blade Faryn: I'm with Brulant.
Blade Faryn: Along with Adio and Azull.
Ravenstrider: Oh, yes, and I forgot beatings and light invoked seasures.
Brulant: Well, that's hardly doing his job as an Undertaker then.
Belexar: OH, well... I guess due to my previous reaction my side in this matter is quite clear...
Brulant: Gumba, Gumba, we accept you, we accept you, one of us.
: Belexar laughs
: Brulant winks at Belexar
: Blade Faryn chuckles
Brulant: Now… I think I shall rest for a bit. I will see you all later, perhaps.
Brulant: If anyone finds the coffin, let me know!
Blade Faryn: *nods* Will do Brulant.

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[log=KC's guards at odds]Sunfire: (mummy legs, you were a mummy werent you?) )
Azull: don't touch her brother
sasha lilias: (Things change (; perhaps you should take a look :P)
Sunfire: *jumps in surprise* dont sneak up on people, thats not nice
: Azull smiles
Sunfire: (oh... ah well then it was one side)
Sunfire: i cant let her be like this, that would be rude
Sunfire: hanging on the edge of the coffin
Sunfire: better lay here in where she can rest in peace
Azull: *looks at him* leave her be Sunfire
Sunfire: or what... brother
: Azull looks into his eyes silently
Sunfire: i wouldnt try if i were you
Sunfire: or id could get Angry
Sunfire: and we wouldnt want that to happen, no?
: sasha lilias the ghost, quickly touches the final two silver coins on the floor
Azull: *smiles* we have had that once before remember
: sasha lilias the ghost, she watches as they melt, the liquid running up her hands, solidifying them for a short amount of time
: sasha lilias the ghost, quickly floats between the two and rests a hand on their chests..
: Azull looks at Sasha's ghost
Sunfire: *shivers and sets a step back* a hand of the dead, icecold
Sunfire: but now you will be the only victim, and everyone else who'd try to stop me
: sasha lilias the ghost, shakes her head with a sad expression, hoping they can see her, before stepping back, the silver on her hands fading away slowly..
Azull: *shakes his head smiling* your fire does not harm me brother
Azull: but there is no need for this, we are still brothers after all
Sunfire: *grins* i would try if i were you
Sunfire: then let me do what i ought is just
Sunfire: (wouldnt*)
Azull: I don't wish to fight you Sun. I remember a time we would stand back to back.
Azull: Leave her be..please
Sunfire: she would be far more comfortable in the coffin
Azull: *shakes his head* how can you know this?
Sunfire: would you be comfortable hanging on a coffin?
Azull: you want her dead. What do you care about her comfort?
Sunfire: *sighs and shakes his head* look at her body, she IS dead
Azull: *looks at the body* If so, what does it matter then?
Sunfire: respect, that would matter
Sunfire: respect and honor, forgotten?
Azull: I have not..
Azull: You are talking about comfort however..
Sunfire: so the dead dont earn comfort?
Azull: the dead don't care
Sunfire: *imitates azull's voice* ah shes dead just leave her be
Sunfire: how can you do that
Sunfire: the dead deserve some respect, deserve some honor
Azull: *sighs* she has respect, she has honor.
Sunfire: not to rot away on a dusty ground
: Sunfire raises an eyebrow
Sunfire: am i right or am i right?
Sunfire: *coughs* all this dust in here, bad for my lungs
Sunfire: goin to get some fresh air
: Azull silently watches Sunfire leave[/log]

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[log=Trapping Sunfire... Again...](Missed some things here, I thought someone else was recording it. Basically sunfire showed up and kneeled next to the body. I asked him for his name and he basically told me to go headbutt a bullet, but with other words. Then he pulled out a knife and a vial.)

: Sunfire places the vial next to the body and raises the knife to cut a small part off
: Belexar carefuly pushes sunfire away from the body
Belexar: Get away from her.
Sunfire: hey!
Belexar: I guess I don't need your name to know who you are anymore.
Belexar: If you have business with her, and the others haven't told me abiout you, you must be one of the undetakers.
Belexar: *presses the ball on his hand* Am I right?
Sunfire: *sarcasticly* bravo
Belexar: I assume you know I won't let you get anywhere close to her.
Sunfire: *grumbels* they re all the same
Belexar: I guess you could say that. Its because we all know what are we doing and why are we doing it.
Sunfire: dont try to stop me
Sunfire: or you ll be sorry
Belexar: And just what is it that you're trying to do?
Sunfire: examine the body
Sunfire: it has changed recently
Sunfire: and i want to know why
Belexar: With a knife and that vial? I'm no stupid, undertaker. I wasn't built to be fooled by anyone.
Sunfire: i want to take ssome flesh with me so i can examin it in peace and quiet
Belexar: I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that. I was left here to guard the body, and that is what I will do.
: Blade Faryn hurries on across the bridge
Sunfire: fool
Sunfire: dont make me hurt you
Belexar: Step back, undertaker
: Belexar raises his metalic sphere
Blade Faryn: *furrows his brow at the tension in the room and approaches the body* Settle down Belexar
Blade Faryn: You too for that matter Sunfire.
Belexar: He was trying to cut her! *points at the knife and the vial in sunfire's hand*
Blade Faryn: *narrows his eyes at the tools, then looks back towards the body* Even so, breaking out into a fight here isn't within our best interests...
Blade Faryn: The body could easily be damaged in a fray.
Belexar: And what was I supposed to do, let him do wathever he wanted with it?
Blade Faryn: No.
Belexar: Then what should I have done?
: Belexar crouches next to the body, with his weapon still in his hand
Blade Faryn: I'm not sure.. but I'd try to avoid fighting around here if possible. Just about anywhere else is fine
Belexar: *looks at sunfire* Would pushing him down the border would suffice? *evil grin, not really meaning what he said*
Blade Faryn: *raises a brow* I guess, though preferably no one would have to be killed over this.
Blade Faryn: I guess sometimes it's just inevitable though
Belexar: So... What should we do with... What's his name, again?
Blade Faryn: Sunfire?
Belexar: Oh! This is the guy who got tied up in the defensive quarters? *laughs*
Blade Faryn: I think he is.
Belexar: Anyways, yes, what do we do with him now?
Blade Faryn: It's too bad we don't have any rope on us, hm?
Blade Faryn: Just keep him at bay for the time being.
Belexar: *smiles* You know... We could always knock him out.
Blade Faryn: That works, though we'd still have to be careful.
Belexar: Don't worry, I have just the tool for it *shows blade his weapon*
: Belexar quickly moves his arm in an arc, throwing his metallic sphere to sunfire's head
Blade Faryn: Interesting choice of weapon for sure..
: Belexar looks at sunfire's fallen body and smiles
Belexar: Yeah, I have better things, but I left them at Golemus. *pìcks up his weapon*
Blade Faryn: Is it just a sphere or is there something more to it?
Belexar: Just a sphere. As I said, I left the fancy things at home.
Belexar: How long do you think he'll stay down? *tilts his head towards sunfire*
Blade Faryn: *shrugs* Your guess is as good as mine.
Belexar: Maybe we should tie him up...
Blade Faryn: I don't have any rope on me. And tying him wouldn't keep him long.
Blade Faryn: He could probably easily burn through them.
Belexar: Maybe... But he can't burn this! *takes out a roll of wire* Not without hurting himself, at least.
Blade Faryn: That could work.
Belexar: Great. Help me lift him up.
: Belexar Picks up sunfire and puts him against one of the columns. He then starts wrapping the wire around Sunfure's arms and legs and around the column.
Belexar: *smiles satisfied with his work* That should do it.
Blade Faryn: This seems to be a trend..
: Belexar laughs in and nods in agreement[/log]

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But which parts are the warmer parts? ^_^

[log=:3 someones gettingggg waaarrmerrrrr]
Blade Faryn: Brulant... you don't suppose this would have anything to do with liquid dust do you? Just a random thought.
Brulant: *shakes his head* No.
Blade Faryn: Maybe it was originally created as a defensive mechanism? Like how a squid uses ink?
Brulant: I kinda was thinking about the Blade, but then that would make it Sasha's fault for messing with the stuff.
Brulant: I think it's more that it's just the nature of Black Water that got her infected. A tiger can't change it's stripes and all that.
Brulant: But what exactly the nature of "Light" is we can't say for sure, quite yet *grins*
Brulant: I personally believe that Light isn't something to be feared, but instead should be pitied. All she wants is a body, now that she has one, she wants to hold onto it at all costs.
Blade Faryn nods slowly
Blade Faryn: By the way, what exactly is liquid dust? I've only seen it dripping from that house in no mans land
Brulant: No one really knows what liquid dust is… you can ask Burn
Brulant: If you joined the Kelle'tha Order, then you could read their notes on it.
Brulant: Burns was doing something with it a while back… he broke into the house, but I don't know what came of it.
Blade Faryn: I see... *rubs his chin and looks to Azull*
Brulant: "Liquid dust is not Black Water but it is related to it. Consider it a natural form of Black water, an inactive form"
Blade Faryn: Does this mean Sasha was messing with liquid dust at some point? Enough to get it to become the black water?
Brulant: Well, we're all exposed to Liquid Dust. But how it becomes active? I don't know."
Blade Faryn: You mentioned black water also being a spell before right? One of the inner circle...
Brulant: *nods* Yup.
Brulant: The spell, I think we can assume now that we know more, activates liquid dust.
Blade Faryn: *nods* Though now it's a question if Sasha casted it herself or if someone cast it on her
Brulant: *shakes his head* Only two people had the spell, and they haven't been seen for ages.
Brulant: Well, those two and Mur of course *grins*
Brulant: I think it's more a question of how did Sasha recreate the spell, if anything.
Brulant: "Black Water is formed out of energetic debris brought into an inert form and then condensed into a black, thick, homogenous liquid with a slippery aspect." There's a start.

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[u][color="#FF0000"]Current rewards given for part 2 :

[color="#0000FF"]Adiomini:Sharptear- For having constructive ideas and then using these to influence his RP, also for using the hidden clues.

Brulant: 3gc 15sc- For working out why music allows them to make contact with Sasha.

Azull:2gc(30sc)- For excellent roleplay during the final burial.[/color]

[color="#C0C0C0"]Ravenstrider:[/color] 10sc - For his humourous comments.[log=Ravenstriders comments]: [color="#00BFFF"]Ravenstrider scratches his head, then starts singing the Ghostbusters theme[/color]

Ravenstrider: Who you gonna call?! Ghostbusters! [color="#00BFFF"]*starts whistling*

[color="#FF0000"]Grido: Slightly Tokened Pimp+1gc- For using real element properties to create a suitable coffin for Sasha. Saw past what is happening to her now, to see what may happen to her in the future.[/color]

Extra Rewards:

Adiomino:[color="#48D1CC"]Item recieved: Sasha's Harp[/color]- Recieved from Stage 1 for his excellent roleplay.

Brulant:[color="#00FFFF"] Heavily tokened Pimped Grasan[/color]- Recieved for brilliant commitment in the quest. Updating forums regularly, superb skills in roleplay and for involving all members of the group in his RP as fully as he could.
Well done :).

[u][i][b]Personal Comments[/b][/i][/u]

So far in the quest I have had some brillaint players, old and new, joining in and taking part in the roleplay. This I find excellent, for it allows for people to get to know one another, on another level.
(Please read first topic for player comments)
I am sad to see the lack of active players within the Resurrection team, but then again...I guess it makes it easier for others to gain rewards.
Finally for those that are asking...no...just because the body is dead does not mean the quest is. More shall be explained/revealed in Part 3, for now...rest. (:

[log= The truth behind the Quest]
This quest was never intended to have a "winning" or "losing" group. The whole point was for players to work together in solving or achieving the same thing. I hoped that this Quest would bring players, that may or may not have known eachother, closer together and learn from eachothers styles of RP. I hope that people see the thought behind this Quest, and don't see it as something for my own greed.

~Sasha Lilias, Ghost of the Undergrounds~[/log]

Edited by Sasha Lilias
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