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Kyphis the Bard

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I don't really want to post this since I still much prefer the old Homepage to the new one, but...

For those of us with the MD Toolbar, clicking the [MagicDuel] button will take you to the old homepage, rather than the new one.

But hey, if you want to leave this bug there, I'm cool with that >.>
Just sayin' <.<

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MD homepage is the same (only with fixed [font="Arial"][size="2"][color="#000000"]Copyright ©[/color][/size][/font]). The "new homepage" is actually the new register page :)

Edit: I almost forget to answer Grido

There is a MagicDuel link (first interface, before the search box)

Edited by bfh lighthing
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[quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1297888737' post='78941']
If you mean this new homepage with just one page to register on..isnt that disabled already?

When I use magicduel.com I get to the old page..
Ah, my mistake. I was not aware that the old page had been re-instated. Happy to hear that news ^_^

Well, since this is a complete non-issue, shall we close this topic?

(PS: Yes, Grido, you are being blind :P. The button is, as BFH pointed out, two left of the one you are thinking of)

[color=purple]cba to post a reply, so i'll just edit :P
actually laptop is screwy, pictures don't always show on the toolbar, and that link is a picture, so i literally couldn't see it lol - Grido[/color]

Edited by Grido
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