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New Extra Feature Idea - block player


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1. new extra feature in MD Store; not too deep
2. set player would have all direct interaction blocked: includes attack (but also - being attacked), PM, optionally even all chat whited out (like spoiler)
3. very low max number per player - 2 seems reasonable
4. rare reset - like spell (change of blocked player)
5. potential problem: land and alliance wars (no idea how it works); solution: automatic reset whenever their lands/ alliances are in war; should be easy

The question to weight is whether MD is a world of opportunities that players can find a place for themselves - or 'ultimate fighting RP at MP5 level'. I consider the first option to be broader and more interesting; it does not exclude the second for those who like 'ultimate fighting' in MD most.
Described feature would just reflect that the little part of dream we build in MD does not include certain people (hence: even chat whited-out) - designed for people we detest or plain bullies.

Please share thoughts - or close the topic if it's been discussed before my time.

EDIT: idea withdrawn; not even added to inventory; please close the topic

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[quote name='dst' timestamp='1299248531' post='79970']
No. No way! You can't deny a player the right to play!

kind of weird hearing this from MD's main censurer, but I agree.

Besides, all that you need for that you have in WP shop, or by other means - movelock, attacklock, frog spell...

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Huh just Friday cooldown last minutes in work - maybe I wasn't clear:
The feature I advocate is only to block interactions between a pair of players - one activating it and another upon whom it is activated. I fully agree with statement 'You can't deny a player the right to play!' - and it seems that if two people cannot stand each other or one keeps affecting gameplay of another (permanent attacks/ abuse), the affected player should be able to completely ignore the other. That's all :-)

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  • Root Admin

No, I disagree you should be able to stop people attacking you and such. Such permanent solution isnt right. You have abilities like movelock and attacklock to stop people, you can block pms, You already have most of this power in different forms.

If someone is being rude, or continually offensive and it is effecting your gameplay, report em, If it has become this bad then it needs to be dealt with. With this "fix" it allows you to just stop attacks (which is wrong) and silence them for you. It doesnt solve the problem.

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The idea comes more from spending time at MDP than personal experience (no recollection whatsoever of anyone I would use it against) - every now and then it appears two players clearly should not be in the same location. Still, if my impressions were wrong or idea doesn't fit some MD aspects I am not aware of - please close the topic or let it drown peacefully :-P

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  • Root Admin

blocking an other player by ways of money is totally out of the question. What, if you cant afford it you get 'abused'? first of all, conflict is a seed for actions. I know some of you would dream of a MD with only them inside it, but on a large scale is not healthy. Any big enough issue should cause people to divide and group at the same time, forming sides. This leas to much more. If the conflict is personal and not large enough to cause this, you should realize on your own that your actions are meaningless or you should learn on your own how to deal with such people that annoy you. MD is a learning ground not a battle ground. Solving social problems, even those involving privacy and abuse, are still things you can learn and should learn, without paying for a button to do it for you.

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