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Hello, minna.

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Well... hi!! x3

I found this site while looking for a game that I could play while working... and this was among the best rated and the ONLY ONE that actually worked like 100%. xD

I think it is my fourth day of activity... and just started to search for the quests. This game is SO confusing, but SO cool at the same time that it kinda addicted me to it. I hope I'm certain to guess that there is a lot of good people here. (Well... there is even a Chuck Norris, at least.)

I would like to make some friends and get some tips about the game, if someone cares to adopt a newbie. ^^" I promise not to be a burden... for a long time.

Well, that is it, I guess.

Bye, minna-san. And... good game for all.

Ps.: I kinda like Asian (Yes, not just Japanese) animations, dramas and novels.

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>_< Chick Norris? In this game?

ps: Jester...if this is what I think it is...you're DEAD(er) the Peace will ever be!

Oh...yeah...forgot: Welcome to the Game :D (see Chewy? I did not spam! Me good girl!)

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  • Root Admin

Yes, Chuck norris facts is one unbelievably stupid and annoying alt, And here is a secret (its aaront)

WELCOME TO THE GAME Knozz, and unless i am halucinating agian (which may be the case) we have already met.

Welcome to the forums, the domain of the strange.

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Thanks everyone.

And... maybe I saw some of you somewhere.
I used to play lots of games and sometimes joined forums to share some experiences.

But it's been a while since my last one. xD
So... as my memory is kinda weak, you might be right, Chewett.

See ya all in the game! o/

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