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I have been attempting to use my locate spell and it is being cast correctly, but I haven't seen any useful information anywhere. At first I thought that some green dots on my map were showing traces or something, and I realize now that maybe those green dots are just idle players.

How do I gain any useful information from the spell?


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It's also important to use the correct playername. A non-existant name triggers the spell (turns yellow), but doesn't get you any result. Plus, a bunch of people can't be made target of locate, though those would give you a result... even if it's a pointless one :))

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Regardless of who you target, it should open the window. If it can't find that player, it will tell you that.

Make sure you're using it correctly: <spell name> - <target> (example: Locate - Pipstickz)
Also make sure you're using the right words and have enough heat and such.

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It turns out it was a popup blocker that I didn't even know about. It is not very visible in Google Chrome (which is actually very nice). I turned off all blocking of popups from magicduel.com and I have since been able to cast locate successfully.

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