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King or Queen?


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During the last meeting of the Marind Bell Council we spoke about the election of a new King or Queen. Out of this conversation it turns out there are two very qualified candidates for the position.

These two Candidates are Lightsage and Handy Pockets.

Both of these people are Members of the Marind Bell council, and we (MB council) have decided that we would love to have either of these people as our Monarch.

Im sure both of these people will write a little bit about themselves here on the forum, so you may read a bit about them both.

Hopefully the election will start soon, so MB may move on from this period of no ruler.

We urge you to talk to both of these people, to find out a little bit about them, and ask you to vote for who you think would make the best King or Queen.

Member of the Marind Bell Council

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[quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1300739105' post='81014']
Im sure both of these people will write a little bit about themselves here on the forum, so you may read a bit about them both.

If this has happened, I am having a hard time finding it.

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Well, allow me to put that right:

I'm Lighsage, I've been playing MD for almost three years now. In that time, I've been best known as a fighter. Starting at willows, back in the age of STF, Elmster and Plegtheorem. During my time I've done quite a bit of questing too, earning 8 wishpoints. Lately, I've done less of this as the kind of quest has shifted from those I enjoy to those that are a lot more subjective. [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/7184-mya-celestia-is-dead/"]This [/url]being the last quest I've participated in (even through it was subjective, it was so enjoyable the outcome mattered little). Other than that, I've been a forum moderator, have been LHO off and on (currently on).

Role wise, I am the knight commander of the bell and have been for quite some time now. I'm also the recruiter of Marind Bell, holding both the Royal seal ring and the Citizens Records. As well as an active member of the Marind Bell council. Currently, I have 176 land loyalty (100%). My plans with Marind Bell can be found [url="http://magicduel.com/votings/kingofmarindbell2011/lightsage.doc"]here.[/url]

EDIT: Links didn't quite format as I intended.

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Handy Pockets
Activity Days: 100%

Land Loyalty 175

I am honored to run in this election to become the Queen of Marind Bell. I love the land of Marind Bell, with its winding paths, Marind's Roundabout, shoreline, Willow's Walk with its many memories, the noisy carnival, the shop, Sages keep and mystery places. I have made many discoveries since my early days and I know it is important to keep exploring the mysteries of MD. I want to spark the interests of future citizens to explore and who will find Marind Bell as exciting as I did and still do.

During the adventure in the Seeds of the East AL I took care of the seeds that opened the east lands and while being protected by Liberty, and the Knights of the Bell I realized a good relationship with them. I believe in alliance, comradery and unity and I plan to cultivate these bonds to keep us united.

I have a surprise quest, that is almost finished. My plan to increase recruitment is to help make Marind Bell lively and exciting to all citizens of MagicDuel and this quest will be first steps closer to that goal.

In closing, it is an honor to run for Queen of this great land of Marind Bell. I will uphold this office with dignity, honor and truth. The Council, with its proud tradition, will continue with our future plans.
Handy Pockets

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Forgive me for I am new (been saying that a lot lately :P) and not fully understanding of the ways of MD so my questions may seem out of order. If so please say so.

@ both, I gather you are both on the MB council now. When one of you is elected, how will it be decided who replaces you on council?

@Lightsage, You seem to have some very concrete idea's for MB. The archives list Observer as the leader of KoB but you have the alliance statement in the forum. My question is, if you are elected, would you hand over leadership of the KoB? If so how would this be decided, if not, why?

@HandyPockets, you as well appear to have some idea's for MB but not laid out as clearly. I enjoy quest's, so am looking forward to the possibility of another one. You speak of the MB councils traditions, can you elaborate on what they are?


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Let's start with the 'replacing' on the council. The way it was before with lifeline, quite a few matters were discussed with both the king and the council present. Of course, this still means the council has a member less, it does not have a set amount of members, five is what is aimed for through. Currently, the amount of actively involved members is rather low in Marind Bell. But generally, those would be 'nominated' by one of the council members and the others would voice their opinion on them this is what recently happened with Aelis.

As for KoB, tasks will have to be delegated. Currently KoB is slightly undermanned (a grand total of 2 active knights). Should someone appear capable and willing to become knight commander, they will be given the job. Perhaps Aelis will appear to be so. The same goes for recruitment, capable and dedicated people will be given more responsibility and ability.

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It is the gathering of the Council that keeps us close, we are in so many different
time zones that just the act of calling a council meeting has given us a respect for
the times we need for these meetings. To be able to do this, as we have in the past,
has kept the connections between the Council and the Alliances strong.
This tradition of a strong respect for each of us, is what I know will be present to the Monarch in our future.

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[quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1301091420' post='81327']
moved from hidden forum to public since the vote has Begun!

Remember to think wisely about who you will choose.

Oh the pressure! What a tough decision!

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