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Kyphis the Bard

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Just wondering how many MD users are on Steam, and if we might be able to get an MD group up and running?

My username is (surprise surprise) Kyphis.

Feel free to ask me to add you as a friend, but expect to be ignored unless you give me some means of knowing your from MD :P

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It is an online retailer for PC Games, with quite a few interesting features and a propensity for insane sales (I have seen things worth $50 going for as cheap as Free o_O)

[url="http://store.steampowered.com/about/"]You can find out more, or get it, here[/url]

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I vaguely remember getting Steam only to find the game's key had already been used.

I saw the Witcher 2 preorder available on Steam and was half tempted to buy it for my bi-yearly session of pc gaming. Then I saw they were selling it for $45 and closed the browser tab while laughing.
Later on I talked to a friend of mine who swears by Steam and decided to install it anyway simply because of some of the good deals they offer.
Upon trying to install Steam, it told me that it could not continue because it needed 50000Gb (once again, closed the window while laughing)
I beat it until it consented to continue and then I find my name is already in use (I can't remember what I signed up with originally).

Needless to say, Steam has lost this round.

On a side note regarding new game prices in general: I can accept paying a higher price for a game when it would actually come in a BOX. Saying that you will include manual does make me want to pay more as if it is some kind of addon, it is SUPPOSED to be there.
And $60 for Dragon Age 2, har har har!

I will probably set Steam up when my work space is cleared of all sharp objects that I might inadvertently seize for the inevitable face palm at seeing more of these 'deals'.

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Yes, a lot of their "buy me, I'm 10% cheaper" sales are stupid, but at times they actually have worthwhile sales. For example, I have gotten Overlord, Overlord Raising Hell, and Overlord II for $4.50 (for all three); and the whole Spore series for $20. In Australia, to get the Overlord games would have cost $30 to buy it second hand, and the Spore stuff $40 for the main game and $15 for the parts pack, then a further $20 for the Galactic Adventures expansion.
I also got Plants vs Zombies for $4 instead of the $20 Popcap wants for it.

I've gotten things like Fallout, Dawn of War, and the Elder Scrolls for under $10 dollars thanks to steam.

Still I'm more interested in finding out how many MDers actually use it.

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Heh, steam is pretty great with their package deals. I have almost 170 games (mind you most are indie games, but those I find are the most fun), and I've spent around 300$. Which isn't too bad in my opinion.


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