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Fully supporting Handy Pockets as next Queen of Marind Bell

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After resigning from kingship I thought a long time about who would be the best candidate for the next king/queen. At first Lightsage was my choice but after a long time of consideration and talking with various people I came to another conclusion. Both Lightsage and Handy Pockets are very good candidates for kingship, but I think that what Marind Bell currently needs is a person like Handy Pockets. I talked with Handy Pockets about queenship and am sure that she is the best candidate. Marind Bell is lagging a lot but what is lagging the most is something Handy Pockets would be most able to improve. Even though her application is rather short I believe she will have the best influence on Marind Bell. From how I know her I am certain that she will be able to bring the best future to Marind Bell. I, as former king, hereby want to express my full support to Handy Pockets.

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Trying to swing/gather some votes to have your favorite as Queen by using what is left of your influence? I agree, it's not forbidden but I do question a bit the ethics of it. And honestly, I don't like seeing such things on the forum. But hey! That's just my personal opinion...

No offense Handy. It's not you I am questioning above :).

Oh and just so you know if you think that I'm trying to influence this: I like both Handy and Lighty. I have no idea who I will vote with so I am taking sides.
And I will also shall not comment further on this matter.

May the best candidate win! Good luck to both of you!

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