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An idea for a GG creature... just a rough sketch for now, but if the idea picks up we can add to it. Sort of in the line of the techno-magical idea.

Block Puzzle
A 5x5 block cube, made of something that looks like iron, somewhat rusted, and old.
You haven't figured out how to work it yet, but keep working on it. You'll figure it out eventually.
Solve the puzzle for a great reward.

Abilities: None (like an egg)
Targets: None

Block Lion
You've managed to move some parts of the cube around, and now it looks sort of like a lion.
It doesn't move on its own, or do anything, really, except make your opponents stare and let their guard down for a moment.
You doubt that this is the true solution to the puzzle.

Abilities: Weaken defence.
Targets: Weak creatures

Iron Terror
As you continue to work with the puzzle, you begin to see how it works, not just on the outisde, but on the inside.
You can feel a faint energy inside it,and the movements come easier, forming the puzzle into a war machine.
The rust is gone from the metal, it feels stronger, and it seems like the pieces that make up the creature are more numerous.
It can now strike your foes, although it is still weak.
You feel you are moving closer to the puzzle's answer.

Abilities: Damage
Targets: Random

Steel Falcon
You realize that not just the puzzle, but the blocks that make up the puzzle can take almost any shape, so you start over and form a new shape.
Energy pulses through the puzzle now, pieces rearranging themselves as you focus your efforts and your will upon it.
It begins to mold to your desire for strength, the metal becoming harder and more resilient, taking the shape of a Falcon,
and becomes a precise machine capable of dealing huge amounts of damage to your strongest foes.
However, you know this is not the solution, but a step that will give you the strength to reach it.

Abilities: Aimed Hit
Targets: Strong Creatures

Gleaming Claw
The puzzle grows larger as it vanquishes your foes. You no longer need to touch the puzzle; focusing your will upon it is enough
to form and reshape the metal. You no longer know what metal makes up the puzzle, but nothing seems to scratch it.
Through your connection to the puzzle, you can feel it needs huge amounts of energy to continue to transform.
You direct it to feed upon the life force of your foes, and it warps and rearrages to become a giant claw,
latching onto your foes and draining their strength.

Abilities: Steal Life
Targets: Random, Strong Creatures, Weak Creatures, Dying

Silver Drake
The puzzle has grown huge, and with its size, its loyalty to you increases. Your will merges with the energy now raging through the
puzzle like a storm, and you feel confident you know the solution. You work the puzzle into a war machine, a Silver Drake.
Its fierce energy can now be turned upon your enemies, striking many foes. The machine now looks like it is made of silver,
and with each strike the metal rings with a pure sound. The segments between the complex pieces of the puzzle are now barely visible,
making you sure this powerful creature is indeed the solution.
Deep within the puzzle, you feel preparations beginning, although their purpose is beyond your understanding.
This creature rapidly destroys the vitality of your opponent.

Abilities: Damage
Targets: All

Gold Cube
All of a sudden, in a moment, you understand the purpose of the puzzle, and its answer. With a flash of brilliant light and a heat wave,
the puzzle transforms into a floating cube of pure gold, five segments wide, by five segments tall, by five segments deep,
the same size and shape as when it started, but with an uncontainable power within. The puzzle now glows with a strong golden light.
You see now that the true puzzle was within your own mind. Rather than focusing on how to figure out how to demolish your foes, you have learned to build your own energy and strength.
Your allies see it and take heart; your foes gaze on it with terror. This creature adds greatly to the amount of vitality in a fight.

Abilities: Heal, Regenerate
Targets: All (friendly creatures)
Aura: Increase the power skill of all friendly creatures in the fight.
Aura: Increase the defense of all friendly creatures in the fight.
Aura: Increase the attack of all friendly creatures in the fight.
Aura: Increase the initiative of all friendly creatures in the fight.
Aura: Increase the luck of all friendly creatures in the fight.

Comments and criticism appreciated :)

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Its look like just (not wanting to make it look bad) another creature
that as many levels and will probably be locked for mp3, and mp4

with a nice story, but that is relate to nothing real (as real in game mechanic)

for the power or not of this creature , ill let it discust by other knowing more than me.

But i see your idea as a possible wonderfull new things, if the story part become real

I mean why not a creature that is not level by win-lose heat and lock by level

But instead a new thing enterely for MD, a personnal puzzle

Lets suppose that if you have the creature game mechanic look at something personnal (adn or player id number or something thats will do same)then calculate a personnal secret code for each level of the creature. and add a part random so its different if you have more than one creature.

Lets have 1 button more by each level 7 level to find your unique personnal solution to level your creature so each level as more possibility to try to explore.(like solving gazebo of equilibrium or harmony pillars) or something different but doing similar, or make it a puzzle like the broken gazebo type with more tiles for each level to upgrade

say that to get to level odd to find is
level 2 1 in 1000
level 3 1 in 10,000
level 4 1 in 100,000
level 5 1 in 1,000,000
level 6 1 in 10,000,000

and make that creature unique in that its not locked by mp level
and transvert revert it naturally to level 1

so whats fun, its personnal if you get a strong creature you put time or where very lucky , and its not abusable as not same for each one
and even an mp3 could have it

Edited by Tom Pouce
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What Chew said about the last level, but otherwise seems fairly alright, it seems the story is more important than the actual physical progression of the creature though.

A possibility could be to make it a Morph creature? - You have original cube, meet requires and click morph for it to randomly become one of the other levels (where it'll stop)

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on the Gold Cube's amazing Auras, instead of boosting with all the above proposed stats of the controller's creatures in the ritual, why not boost a specific or two combination of stats, depending on the owner's citizenship? for example, a Golemus Golemicarum citizen's maxed level cube can boost attack and/or defense skill of all friendly creatures in the ritual, and an owner from another land the cube boosts power and luck, etc..

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Perhaps we could make it keep all those auras but at the cost of it having it do thid


Target: Multiple Allies

Abilities: Damage

Limit of three per ritual.


They would give a big boost but also be high risk because they damage allies


it would increase its own damage with the auras and kill everybody...


I agree with  Grido about making it a morph though :D  (but you can only morph it once it is a gleaming claw, either into a silver drake or a golden cube)

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