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Festival - What's Going On

Fyrd Argentus

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As head of the Merry Devilers, I have discussed with Metal Bunny our plans. We intend to proceed with team challenges in the new land forthwith, and expect Mur to interrupt this with periodic announcements of ceremonies and such - also here in the new land - which is east of the Tribunal.

At 0:00 ST last night, we had major troubles with the arranged transportation. Some people eventually got the gates at GoE to work for them - I personally never did and joined those who walked. 81 ap per step through the Tribunal. I am about to take my first step into the new land - 12 hours late. I think it has to do with browser software edition and settings.

For those of you who can get the GoE to work (instructions in the announcement), great. Those with spells, fantastic. Those with power-walks, great. Those in alliances can do "jump to leader".

I offer the services of Legend Speakers to any unallied who wish to join LS, jump to the new land, and then drop again. I have limited slots and you will take a big, big hit in your loyalty score - I do need you to drop again right away to clear slots. But then if you're unallied, you probably don't care about your loyalty score.

If you want a ride, just forum PM me [by clicking the email-link to the left].

Let the Festivities Begin! (Well, as soon as I get a shower, and so forth. You don't want this image.... never mind).

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  • Root Admin

i am lifting the embargo on pickles , you may eat as you think fit :))
once i get online, i might summon groups of people there , but please no individual requests, i'll take only lists.

the pillars work,if someone already opened the portal anyone can go through. You dont have to open the portal for each player. Once you see the glowing thing in the middle it means you can enter it. If you start dialing at the same time when its already opened you will just mess it and of course it won't work.

The portal in gg is blocked by me long ago but i didnt had time to see where it is blocked exactly...kind of late now.

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[quote name='Sasha Lilias' timestamp='1302791875' post='82605']
I would be very grateful if I may join to jump...

~Sasha Lilias~

Sorry, didn't see the post. I'm looking for the PM alert box. But you're here now.

Everybody else - FORUM PM, not post, if you want to jump to me.

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[quote name='Curiose' timestamp='1302892518' post='82790']
Oh... so in order to get to Knatty's house you use the Gazebo of Equilibrium?

Bleh. : c I feel so confused.

Mur had posted a code to use at the GoE, which took you to the start of the new section of Tribunal Lands.
Then we get to walk the rest of the way there. Enjoy the Exploration points. :)

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[quote name='Curiose' timestamp='1302892834' post='82792']
Uuuugh. I have no idea HOW to get to Knatty's vacation spot thingy. :c

hmm, I'm not near there myself and just logging off for the day, but if you head 'down' from jsut outside the Temple doors, and follow the next scene down those stairs... it's a somewhat straightshot with a few off--shoots into other buildings or a fountain. Eventually you'll get to the stairs up, and see it.

If you are active now, I saw Golvin Deca leading some new folks with very low active days through the portal recently. might have a chain of directions somewhat along the way?
Good luck!

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