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Challenge Nr 6

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Each team receives 50 Coins (imagine them, you can see them..).

Then, we have 5 spots which I will auction off!!

Now each team will, with each round, bid for one spot. The team which has the most spots at the end wins, with the one bidding more receiving the spot, all coins bid are taken.

If 2 teams bid the same amount, nobody gets it. Since this might happen, if a tie in terms of spots has been reached the team with more remaining coins wins, if that is also a tie, then the last spot won determines the winner.

Each round has to have a minimum bid of 1 coin. In the example i will just have 2 teams.


Round 1
A bids 6 coins
B bids 10 coins.
B gets the spot, B has 40 coins left, A 44.

Round 2
A bids 15 coins, B only 5.
A gets the spot, A has 29 coins left, B 35.

Round 3
A and B both bid 5 coins.
Nobody gets the spot. A has 24 left, B 30.

Round 4
A bids 1, B 8.
B gets the spot, A has 23 left, B 22.

Round 5
If A now bids 23 and B just 1, then A gets the spot but B has 21 coins left and the same amount of spots, so B wins.
If however A bids 23 and B 22, then A gets the last spot, both have 0 coins, and thus A wins.
Now if A only bids..2 coins and B 1, then they both have 21 coins left and A wins.
If A bids 8 and B 15, then B wins because B has 3 spots (with less coins left).

Clear enough? These rounds, according to speed, could be repeated...obviously the one who are good with psychology and counting have an advantage with this game.

Edit: Obviously the bids have to silent, via PM to me.

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Due to a lack of clarification about how this was all supposed to be organized (MD Birthday)

Those who pass the first round (either in team or solo competition), will take part in a 2nd round. Then, if we have too many, it will end in a 3rd round.

Last one standing wins.

Join up, go as a team, or solo? Sign up now.

Team Bunny does not need to write they are that, but I will accept people from my team or even people with no team as well, but WRITE it clear so I know you are not in Team Bunny.

Edit: Team does not mean you play together, but instead you group up to fight vs those you are teamed up with.

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I had a lot of people playing-

The following qualify for round 2:

Eon, sasha lilias, Leixer, Ravenstrider, phantasm, aranna2008

Round 2 will happen at 19:00-21:00 servertime, or earlier if 3 people pop up together.

Round 3 shall then happen at Sunday.

Repeat players can also play again during that period.

Edit: If anyone cannot attend, please say so. We might find an alternative time.

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Alright..total attendance of Bunnies: 8/24.

Makes one third exactly, I wished for more..but still an okay ratio I think.

Total winner in the end was Eon.

Round 1

East dst [b]Eon[/b]
Maebius [b]sasha[/b] Aster
[b]Leixer[/b] Handy Darigan
Clock [b]Ravenstrider[/b] Ungern
[b]phantasm[/b] Mya Child
[b]aranna[/b] Happy Yala

Round 2

Leixer sasha [b] Eon[/b]
[b] phantasm[/b] Ravenstrider
Round 3

[b]Eon[/b] vs phantasm

[size="6"][b]Eon wins![/b][/size]

I will now hold rounds for fun.

Edit: Marked are the winners.

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