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Printing Avys

Fyrd Argentus

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will echo the active avatar of said player. I don't think there is a way to echo "any" avatar by id number as it could be used to look at all avys without seeing them on people or going through the shop.

On a php server you may be able to use the gd library to modify an image with something like
but it should be noted that Mur may not have it installed and if he does he may not have allowed it for use in md-script.

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Okay, real basic stupid question. I have a .jpg file (e.g., screen shot of an avy). How do I print it out interwoven with the other stuff on a clickie? I seem unable to paste an image into the content section...

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Okay, <img src="whereveritis"> displays the image (thanks), but it does not do it in linear sequence with the avy calls.

Worse, I have discoverd there is a 5 avy limit to a clickie display.

Tsk, tsk, this is not going to work the way I thought.... a chessboard filled with avys is not going to automate easily.

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