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Assigning Colors to Lands


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a known thing about numbers and colors people assign to them was used by Mur as one of the MDA DNA Tests.

During random randoming (as in my active work of thinking/working on random stuff), thought fell to me, why not ask which color would you assign to MD lands? :P
Nothing serious, answer just for the sake of sacred randomness... :)

My choice would be:

Golemus - Orange (but visualizing the map of Golemus would have also, aside the major orange, mixture of yellow and red - as separate colors and its variations, not as combinations into orange :D)
Loreroot - Slightly Darker Green (visualizing the map would be the green Loreroot forests with gentle blue waters)
Marind Bell - White (visualizing the map would be white land with lots of shade details of its objects and land shape. Lake would be pictured as water shown by almost faded blue, where fading leads to white)
Necrovion - Black (visualizing would lead to small white details for the sake of contrast and clearance of objects)

Perhaps, one day, when people actually decide to make flags for their lands or such, they would use such colors?
in which colors do you see MD lands? x)

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MagicDuel Archives - Gold
Labyrinth - Green
Golemus Golemicarum - Yellow
No Mans Land - Brown
Necrovion - White
Loreroot - Blue
Marinds Bell - Silver
Underground - Black
Tribunal - Several colours come to mind, but Grey is the most prominent.
Dominion of Mur - Haven't been there, so no opinion yet :P

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  • Root Admin
sometimes i forget that some things are not that plain as i think they are. In my mind lands always had colors to them, but then again, thats why they have numbers too :)) I always thought is "clear" somehow, but you are right, i don't remember to name any colors, I just assumed they are "obvious"
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it may be a waste of time it may not....but also try and asociate an element(fire, water, earth, air) to the lands along with the color....if i remember correctly(its been a long time) there is a DNA test when creating your character that makes you chose the elemental sign you like the most


and i remember this signs are associated with colors, 4 colors for the 4 lands, for the fun of it or other reasons create a new char and see if the colors you chose also match the signs you asociate to the lands

conclusions: yours to draw

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Very interesting question, and also interesting to note that Mur had ideas for it all along, in his mind.
My thoughts would have to be:

MagicDuel Archives - Grey or Red.
Labyrinth - Black
Golemus Golemicarum - Yellow/Gold
No Mans Land - Sandy/tan
Necrovion - White or very light grey
Loreroot - Purple or green, jewel-tone either way
Marinds Bell - Silver or royal blue
Underground - Black
Tribunal - Orange

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MagicDuel Archives - Gold
Labyrinth - Gray
Golemus Golemicarum - Brown
No Mans Land - White
Necrovion - Black
Loreroot - Green
Marinds Bell - yellow
Underground - Violet
Tribunal - Red

Prison- PINK!!!!

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