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Reputation, what is it?

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When the voting for Marind's Bell Kingship started, I noticed it was mentioned that voter's reputation was taken intio account to balance the vote/score.

I also noticed that we could get reputation on the forum (and yes I noticed how it comes from readers rating posts).

My questions around those reputations are quite basic:
- Is InGame reputation the same as Forum reputation ?
- If not how is evaluated InGame reputation, and is it hidden or can one know his own rep?
- What is the use of bothe reputations, besides the Kingship voting?

Thanks! And feel free to point me at a topic on the subject that I may have missed. ;)

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It's not the same.
Forum reputation is technically irrelevant.

In Game reputation, regarding votes, is rated on your fame, subjective choice I guess. You also raise your vote power by participating in every voting that takes place (those official ones, like the kingships, which are announced in the side bar)

The use of those reputations for now is used only on those official votes.

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  • Root Admin

As R has said, forum reputation is completely meaningless to the game, but it does reflect on your posts. Forum rep shows the general "liked" factor of your posts, But many people are more likely to -rep someone than +rep them.

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Every time there was a public vote (king/queen elections or last year also MD Awards) we had to justify our vote. Based on the arguments we gave, Mur scored the vote from 1 to 10. Those grades represent the vote power (for Md Awards we did the average and used it).

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[quote name='Passant the Weak' timestamp='1304592858' post='83951']
Thank you for the answers!

May I ask if the "fame" / "ingame reputation" i s assigned by a kind of committee, by Mur or... or is that a secret/unknown thing? I know I ask always too much but well... :)
Most likely Mur or the council, though you can probably just look at someone and guess quite accurately >>

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