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Rewards List for MD Birthday 2011


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[b]Best Solver:[/b]
-Clock Master

Each get a Puzzle Medal. If they already have one, then they get it gold.

[b]Best Feedback:[/b]
-Clock Master
-Fyrd Argentus
-Handy Pockets

Each get: 1. GG Drachorn, 1. Anniversary Aramor, 1. 10 Gold Note.

[b]Merry Devilers Team:[/b]
[Names pending]

Has a Quota of: 12 Aramors, 4 Darklings, 4 GG Drachs, and 4. 10 Gold Notes.

Fyrd Argentus, the leader of this team, will be choosing who gets what. Whatever that is left, [if there is anything left] will not be given out. It will be used instead of later purposes. If you [Fyrd] mistakenly give someone a reward, who did not deserve it, you will not get an extra creature, or reward to replace it with. So use it wisely. You are also required to tell me who gets the creatures. I will hand you a creature who goes to a SPECIFIC person for recording purposes, based on who you say gets what.

[b]Contest Mods:[/b]
-MRHoly One

Reward Pending.

I will be slow to hand these out. I have to receive the stock from Mur, and get names for the Merry Deviler's team of whom actually participated in the MD Birthday.

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I believe the darkling is the same creature type offered here.

As for value I don't think one has been established yet. It's much rarer than a GG (rarer than even a morph, I think), but in terms of usability is far below the GG.

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The Darklings are extremely rare and thus valuable. As of 2010-11-02 20:33:04 - Stage 10, there where only 31 in existance (this is more than the Morphs, tainted angiens, and Shades, mind you).

You can look at that update to see how rare they might be :P

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