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WTT Anniversary Aramor


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I have an anniversary aramor that I am considering trading. I would trade for creature(s) if someone makes me the right offer. If nothing sparks my interest, I will keep it.

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3 Imps - 0,1,2 tokens, Age 143,163,143
Chaos Archer - 5 tokens + MAX AGE
Angien - 3 Tokens + MAX AGE
Pimp Grassan - 2 tokens + MAX AGE
Coloured Joker - 2 tokens age 143.
Gold Coins.

You can choose from this list as well as combinations from it.
Interested in anything?

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[quote name='dst' timestamp='1305874621' post='84698']
What kind of crits would you be interested in?

The following are crits I'm not interested in:

Tormented Souls
Other recruitables

If you have something more interesting that you would consider trading and you don't consider an equal value, let me know what you think is the difference in gold and we can negotiate.

I didn't think to post it when I offered WTT, but I would also consider trading for item(s). Moderators, please add 'or item(s)' to the topic description.

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[quote name='Sasha Lilias' timestamp='1306006942' post='84834']
So you think:

Seed(grido only)
Soul Weavers
Other rare creatures, are acceptable? I doubt you will get any of those for one Aramor....

I would consider all of these creatures. Current offers I am considering:

tutorial shade

By the way, what is a Seed (and why is it grido only)?

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I have decided not to accept either of the previous offers. Aramor is still up for trade. I'm primarily interested in items at the moment. One important item I seek, of which there are several in the realm, is a wooden flute. I will consider all item offers. Not interested in a mop.

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