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New Changes to Story Night.


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After quite a few months of not having Story Night, I have decided to have it up and running once more. But this time, there will be some major changes to how it is run.

-There will no longer be prizes, judging, comments, etc. Anything that required extra hands to shuffle things around and make things a stress ball.

-People can write stories about anything-- from fictional pieces of literature, to happenings in MD. [Meaning things that have ACTUALLY happened. i.e. AL]

-This is a community project. Anyone can host, as long as they tell me when they would like to so it can be broadcasted. If that person does not show, then someone from the community can step up and take over.

I thought that Story Night added something to the community, and to take it away is a selfish thing. For that, I apologize. I hope that people will take to these changes happily, and I welcome any suggestions. Thank you.

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There could still be prizes awarded by patrons of the arts - just not part of the official administration of the event.

Shall we set a regular, recurring time, or a rotating schedule for time-zone issues?

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  • Root Admin

If prizes arnt given as a regular thing, then how can you prove that it wasnt just giving a prize to your friend? Unless ofc you are announcing the prize well before, and let some neutral third party judge the submissions.

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Umm... we're allowed to give things to our friends (I don't mean alts) ... except for wp's....

I think anyone is free to reward any good thing they see happening, at any time. The point here is that it would NOT be formally part of the event, or announced.

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Like I said:
There will be no prizes.
with no prizes, means there will be no judging.

I am requesting that people not give prizes to their event because I don't want people to do this just for that. I have understood since the last SN that giving such things cheapens it and I don't want that.

It is just an event. A get together. No official standing towards it at all.

As for your question, Fyrd, I would like there to be a single date/time. Based on how many attendees there are, we may change it. But we can do a poll to figure out what time would be best.

Considering how much life has a strangle hold on me, I think I may pass the torch down to someone but that may just happen later down the road.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I am thinking of holding a Story Night some time in the near future, when I do not know. If anyone would like to share a story--fictional, or happening of MD, please PM it to whomever will be hosting the event. I will likely not be, but I will announce who is in the future. This is only so that everyone gets their story shared whether or not they can make it. Or, you can send it to a friend who you know will be attending. Whichever works best for you, folks.

Please remember that there will be no prizes given, no judging allowed. The rules still stand and everyone needs to be courteous and respectful. If you have an issue, take it up in PM or leave elsewhere to squabble.

There are no exemptions as to what stories are allowed to be told, just so long as they are rid of any profanity [i.e. cursing, sexual behavior, crude words, etc.] They must fit in the MD rules in the game.

I am hoping to see a lot of stories, particularly ones about the past in MD. Information is everywhere-- and if I find someone spreading rumors, or ruining a past player's name just for kicks or some vendetta, I will not be happy and they will be banned from attending SN and will be silenced on sight. Please keep your stories about MD as correct and as unbiased as possible.

Please and thank you.

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