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Drach Price Checks

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Alright, so recently I acquired a fair amount of credits and I want to buy a set of three drachs. I would like decent ones within my price range, and I'd rather not get cheated out of my money. So here's where the question lies: First, what is the most cost-effective drachorn, and second, what are the general sell prices of reindrachs, ggs, rusties, etc. Any help is appreciated, and if there is a spoiler of some sort that I'm asking for please inform me.

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You can get Rustgolds for a little more than 50 credits in the shop, and the same applies to Reindrachs however you can only get them at Christmas. The other two are not in the MD Shop and will require you to trade with other players to get. Credits already on your account can't be transferred to someone else, only new credits can be transferred.

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From rough memory of experience;

Rust - 4gc-9gc
Rein - 9gc-16gc
GG - 13gc-18gc
Windy - 16gc-23gc

Variation is dictated by age, tokens and experience. More of each doesn't neccesarily mean more value to it though.

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