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MD Auction

Sasha Lilias

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[center][color="#800080"][size="5"][b][u]MD Auction![/u][/b][/size][/color]

[color="#9932CC"][size="4"]As we all know, a few days ago we had the "LHO Appreciation Day". Well now, anyone can show their appreciation once more! Have the LHO ever helped you with starting the game? Been there to answer any questions you may have? Or perhaps just been there in general to be abused by us all? Well if so, place yourself for auction or buy someone for a day!

I am currently looking for willing participants to be "auctioned" of for coins. All coins received will go to the LHO's as a belated gift for all their hard work in this realm.

If you wish to be auctioned, then please PM me, I shall then set up the list below.

[size="1"]Yes....I will be auctioning myself <_<:P[/size][/size]

[u]Current Participants:[/u]

[color="#FF0000"][font="Arial Black"]Grido[/font][/color]

[color="#800080"]Sasha Lilias+Mcvitie[/color]

Lone Wolf pup


Hedge Munos


Nimrodel- Reserve of 3gc: Shemhazaj







[font="Arial Black"]Oh and did I forget to mention....the one that sells for the most will recieve the "Gold Medal" item. :)[/font]

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[quote name='Grido' timestamp='1307059141' post='85632']
Is there a framework of sorts for the sale? Like for how long and such?

An auction takes as long as the bidder takes. If the bids keep coming, then it will take a while. If they don't, then it will be over within a short period. :)

Currently: The Auction will be held at the [b]Gazebo of Equilibrium[/b] on Day 160 at 10pm server time. Thought this can be changed due to; Too many people being auctioned, which will mean I will split it into two parts, or wrong times for people that are involved, if so please post here and we will sort something out. :)

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Could all auction "items" (;)) please send me a message of when they are usually available. The most desirable date I have in mind is the 11th of June (tomorrow) if this is ok please . If anyone does not reply, the auction will be postponed until all messages have been received/sent. :)

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Apologies to all for the delays. (Work has been very stressful) There will be more than one auction, for those that can't make it on tonight, there will be two more chances.For the next three saturdays(today included) bidding will start from 8pm server time, until 12pm server time.

You CAN all post ONE pre bid per auction "item" simply send me a message and I will place the bid beside the "item". :)

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So! Bidding hasn't worked out right so far, mainly due to RL issues. SO, bids will now be done on the forums, for one week today. The items should post a note on why they should be chosen/ what they can do.

Remember though! This is all for the LHO's!!! :)

[url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9962-md-auction-bid/"]Place Bids![/url]

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There are so many things I can do that let me begin with what I cannot do + I cannot sing. On multiple accounts I presented this (in)ability and have many witnesses. As only several of them are still sane pls do not ask me to demontrate.
Just a brief enumeration of my multiple faculties:
1. I cannot sing - but am a player with acute sense of rhyme. I can provide anybody (1) with fitting accoustic accompaniment to their gameplay, with rhytmic beep-like sound every 5 minutes.
2. I am strongly community oriented - the play above I consider a community service and offer it in most cases free of charge (although I admit - all donations are welcome)
3. I can mimic people and behavioural patterns. Using my cloak of mimicry, power of observation and Principles I do not fully control, I can learn how to blend and repeat or even influence the pattern. Beware though - it's a mimicry and some things mimicry does not provide. Let me use examples:
3a. Healing... I can observe MP6s casting healing spells long time... and still all I could reproduce was crashing into MDP asking 'Who needs some spells casted?'... well occasionally 'If you need any spell I am at Paper Cabin'... My own invension was approaching ppl asking for healing asking how they are and offering interesting conversation - but it never really worked out.. Wonder why...
3b. Fighting... I have seen many veteran players fighting using powerful crits... I tried to reproduce it - but here game mechanics enhanced my mimicry: my unmaxed due to the MP requirement crits cannot truly give impression of serious attack force - they are just a mimicry of such created by my power of mimicry...

(1) as long as anybody is a cute unallied MP5 at GoE or MDP

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As a slave, there are many services that I may provide for those who are willing to pay for me. For starters, there are various games that we could play, including(but not limited to): hangman, 20 questions, "You Don't Say", Movie Lines, Word Associations, or whatever you can think of. Everyone loves games, so you could purchase a game slave :D

Another option would be that I can provide the service of following my owner around, praising them/groveling/prostrating them in reverence. It builds ones' "street cred" and boosts self-esteem.

A third option that I could think of is that I could become a human punching bag. I could sit in a remote location and let you train on me, vent your anger, or both.

If there is anything else that one could need out of a servant, I'm willing to listen to ideas and provide a variety of services.

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