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Mighty Pirate

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This is the third in my series of Pirate quests.[img]http://www.smileydesign.net/smileys/cost20.gif[/img]

This time you will face a typical pirate mission - earn fame by claiming a huge treasure.

To do this you will face three tasks:

- First, you will have to get a treasure map.
A warmup task: My stupid parrot tried to "read" my treasure map. Look what he did: [url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=3059' target='_blank'"]stupidparrot[/url]
(passcode: "stupidparrot"). Help me fix this and PM the solution to Mighty Pirate (somewhere in No Mans Land, or forum PMs)

- Second, you will have to steal the treasure.
This will be the harder part, my answer to Broken Pattern Riddle combined with an Indiana Jones-like scenery :P

- Third, you will have to fight the guards.
Bad language is explicitly allowed for this part of the quest. This part will probably take more than a week to be solved, so be patient.

Wishpoints for the winners (thanks to Yrthilian). More details to come. Quest started June 28th.

(open to all mind powers, no special requirements - apart from the ability to move, sorry Awiiya ;)

Have fun, :P
Mighty Pirate

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An update after day 5: We have several players who made it to the third task. (No, I will not tell you how many.)

I will give out wishpoints for the first two hunters who manage to beat the guards.

A hint for the hunt: More training - more chances to win. Less training - more chances to be fast. You have to win fast :P

Have fun :)
Mighty Pirate

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  • 2 weeks later...

Its about time to announce winners :)

The first winner is: Lone Wolf! He managed to defeat the guards on day 10.
The second winners are: Fyrd Argentus, Great Guba and AmberRune! All finished the quest on day 11.
(Very close race :)

Yrth is generous, I am generous, so all four will get a wish point.

Nimrodel got a Joker as bug find reward.
Fyrd got a Goblin as bug find reward.

Quest solution: Task 1 you had to fing small landscape pieces, all taken from No Mans Land.
Task 2 starts at Clash of Ages with passcode 'Broken Pattern'. I will not give a solution here, try it out for yourself. I might give out some creatures for the first solvers. (The idea is taken from a very old riddle book of the 19th century.)

Task three was insult fighting. To win it, you had to choose a good strategy. For those who don't know what insult fighting is - the idea is taken from a very old computer game, you can try a modernized php version if you google for 'insult swordfighting'.

See you all in the next quest,
Mighty Pirate

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  • Root Admin

I feel it is rather unfair not to mention that the first part of the quest was posted in a public place for anyone to view... for clarity that some people might have had an advantage.

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