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I'm tired of all this fighting, so I'm going to sell my creatures. I'm looking for items, so that's why I'd like coins in return. Will sell when I see a reasonable price. I probably won't be able to complete any trades for two weeks, as I will be on vacation. I might manage to go online a few times, so I will update things, but I can't guarantee anything. 'Ere they are:

[b]Shop Joker[/b] - 1 silver

ID: 717021
Age: 70
Stored Heat: 200946
Influence: None

[b]Dark Archer 1[/b]

ID: 694418
Age: 184
Stored Heat: 76425
Influence: None

[b]Dark Archer 2[/b]

ID: 694419
Age: 184
Stored Heat: 83403
Influence: None

[b]Elite Lorerootian Archer 1[/b] - 3 silver

ID: 693238
Age: 189
Stored Heat: 305183
Influence: None

[b]Elite Lorerootian Archer 2[/b] - 3 silver

ID: 693239
Age: 189
Stored Heat: 305255
Influence: None

[b]Elite Lorerootian Archer 3[/b] - 3 silver

ID: 693241
Age: 189
Stored Heat: 288084
Influence: None


ID: 715736
Age: 43
Stored Heat: 16488
Influence: Regenaura


ID: 693606
Age: 113
Stored Heat: 37640
Influence: Poweraura

[b]Elemental 1[/b] - 5 silver for both

ID: 694892
Age: 182
Stored Heat: 185774
Influence: None

[b]Elemental 2[/b] - 5 silver for both

ID: 694417
Age: 184
Stored Heat: 175941
Influence: None
If anyone is selling items, please contact me. No guarantees I will purchase them.[/b]

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