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crits tabular view



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With many crits their magagement is time consuming even with good connection and a nightmare with slower. Downloading all crits graphics is also not a must for most players - and tabular view:
1. name
2. heat
3. ve/ve max
4. wins
5. (heal bar)
6. can be upgraded?
would render much lower load on server and connection - and would be sufficient for most players and valuable to many.
Players should be able to choose display using options manu - with either new extra feature or available to all.
Please comment/vote

PS. If the idea was already registeres and my search somehow missed that pls close the topic.

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Another possibility, to access to those informations quickly, could be that of displaying them into a pop up tip, like those that are used into the inventory for items.

This would still solve the problem of having to open the detail page for each creature, and maybe would require less effort in term of coding.

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Maybe something like the check in the Options to hear or not the scene music - we get to choose how much of the information is showen in the Crits page(name, VE, upgrade status, picture, tokens). For me I generally need only their names and VE status 95% of the time. If one needs to be upgraded let the usual notification do it's job.

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  • Root Admin

[quote name='dst' timestamp='1326191658' post='100354']
Chewy, forum is broken, I cannot upload files to posts :(

yeah i noticed similar when uploading things before... Will check

[quote name='Fire Starter' timestamp='1326196640' post='100356']
Well, yes, looks fine, Maybe a glowing arrow next to the VE of the ones, that needs to be healed.

dst, is this an option inside the game, or you have played with some software so it can look good?

No one would interfer with MD :D

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When a crit needs healing, the VE is colored in green.

When a crit ve is bigger then its max one (due to tokens), the VE is colored in yellow.

When a crit needs to be upgraded, you have an upgrade button on which you can click and it will take you to the crit page.

You also have the crit id on the last column on the right.

See the below image:


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