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Failing to cast a spell.

lone wolf pup

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If your spell is in anything you say, it becomes a failure, although if you try using it while talking, it doesn't work.
Spell name: a
If I say anything with an a in it, what I say become a spell failure. >_>
Although if I try saying things without a, then add the a to the end it doesn't work as a spell.
Example: Die! a amberrune
Lone Wolf failed to cast a spell.
Try it.. it's fun.

Edit:@Kyphis what if a player's name was came a spider.. would the spell activate on yourself or on him.

Edit2:@MoM my spell had the letter V, and if I had typed it I would be unable to talk, there is no armeagaden >>

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  • Root Admin

this "errors" are possible, together with other things that were not possible before. Intention is to make spells be more natural in language ..this doesn't mean to be more safe or more easy to cast. If you are dumb enough to name you spell "a" and then wonder why you cant say words with "a" or it will fail, then try naming it as a spell should be named..with a clear series of words, not with shortcuts. This "no shortcuts" warning is stated on the spell page.

As a side note, please continue such "experiments", it is very interesting to see how spell casting can be used alternatively..but this is no bug.

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