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  • Root Admin

So, after finishing my Techincal exams, Iv prettymuch finised up detailing all the announcements in my views.

Im wondering how everyone would like to see them. The format im working with them at the moment is useful for editing and stuff, But not very good for you guys to see.

I was considering uploading it to one of my sites, and coding a nice little interface that lets you search by date, ID, and catagory.

anyone have any specific preferences?

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If you're really up for it, a break-down by catagory with table of contents and chapters -- so somebody could read all about subject X if they wanted, subject Y if they were curiose, etc...

Searching key words only goes so far...

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  • Root Admin

Each part has:

announcement date
announcement time
shorthand comment

of those, priority, date, time, stage and type will be sortable and selectable. So someone could either select to have all Priority 1 things, sorted by date.

for types, I currently have and as examples:

Feature - visoscity got implemented
Bugfix - principle selection got fixed
Head Contest - winner of HC is...
Announcement - MD birthday festival is happening X
Torch Contest - Torch contest results
Punishment - Someone got jailed
Reward - someone got rewarded (dreamcatcher as an example)
Forum - Mur made some post about forum, or somethng happened to forum

For these types, I am open to suggestions such as widening, adding, removing and such. What im really looking for is enough types so that there arnt a tonn of types that are full, or empty. So any suggestions to change said types would be good.

I was considering having an additional type "Automatic message" as most wont want to read "Spells reset"

As always, comments are good :D

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  • Root Admin

i want this integrated in the current announcements so that everyone can see a summary of the announcements before loading them all up. So keep it updated, i will prepare a interface for you or if you can keep a list like:

announcement ID ### text
123 ### la la
124 ## etc etc

i could use it directly as it is
any detail that remains the same i can load by the id from the db , but the short description is what i need


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