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GGG - Golden Globe Gazebo


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The Golden Globe Gazebo, usually referred to as the GGG, was one of the many legendary fighting locations in all of Magic Duel. Basically it was usually referred to as a place where any person could get "infinite wins". It is one of the 4 Gazeboes of the MD Archives Gardens.

The Golden Globe Gazebo had some rules for those who chose to fight in it, back in the day, they could be seen by clicking the support the Giant Golden Globe sat on, and they were, mainly :
1. All defensive rituals should be of ONE character that has a non-offensive ability
2. All Offensive rituals were those that could not harm the defensive rituals, so they could be, for example, an elemental on weaken defense, or three grassans, since their chaotic strikes can't harm a single creature.
3. If a ritual was 'accidentally' broken, that should be announced in the chat, so that others don't just lose vitality.
4. If these rules were broken, some of the older vets who had established that place would kick you out of the GGG and you would never be able to train in it again.

so basically, the defense was put so that when a non-offensive ritual was used against it, the players could get heat-free wins, and grind stats

The GGG was mainly a place for those low on vitality, but needing wins (or losses) to upgrade creatures (or for balance issues), so when a person gets a burst, it is usually announced, and players would attack that 'person-with-a-burst' with steal life rituals, and they would gain vitality for themselves...

Many had opposed the GGG, saying that this 'place' even though protecting the 'weaklings' from the power of the vets, was not helping them actually learn about combat rituals, since they were not learning what to put with what to give extreme damage, since they were never doing any damage at all! Also, there were also complaints about people becoming TOO strong (stat-wise) by using a community-run-project for their own benefit, so even those who were NOT weaklings went there just to grind stats, which is not what the GGG was for. A lot of people objected and finally, the decision was to close it down... Apart from the actual Golden Globe, little but memories remain of the once overcrowded GGG, the rules, along with the offenders list (those who have broken GGG rules intentionally) are now also gone, however, at the base of the Golden Globe (below the stand it is on) by 'speaking the word' look, you will find a Ballad by Fyrd Argentus, about the rise and fall of the GGG...

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