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Recently there were some changes to the movement script. This script is normally cached so gives errors if it is loading this cached old copy.

Log off MD, close the browser, re open it and clear the cache. once you have done this you should be able to play again.

If you cannot, and have done all these steps, please post here with

Location: Name and ID
Account name:

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No idea how to solve it... i am teleported to the Defensive tower now, so at least safe.
Still i want to thank Dst for initially saving me, to bad the GoE and my inability to move got all my defence rits and all creatures killed, bringing me closer again to skill damage :(

Location: Defensive Tower Interior Coord: 1_-5x2_2
Account name: shnappie
Browser: FireFox 5.0 (latest) and Internet Explorer 8.0.7600.16385

Somehow solved my movement bug by playing the game on linux the past days.. seems to work again on Firefox again now.

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I too have the same issue where I am stuck. I get the following error when clicking on anything that's clickable in the room (such as the exit arrow, or the piano). I have logged out, cleared the cache a number of times, restarted the browser a number of times, but with no avail.

Error: "Please clear cache and refresh your interface. If this problem persists try again in a few minutes or report it as a bug."

Location: Lands Of The East -- 7_mansionpianoroom_1
Account name: Esmaralda
Browser: IE7 version 7.0.6002.18005

EDIT: Today, July 18, it works! I am no longer stuck. yey!

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