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viscosity , reasons, effects and intentions

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This is a public reply to the concern of more people that think viscosity is destroying MD

viscosity won't change.

it is a change that cant be fully understood by old players that knew things one way, but its inteded to change the way md is perceived. The viscosity increases basically distances in the realm, traveling from one place to an other is equivalent to a larger distance, the feeling of "discovery" is strengthen when you adventure in a place harder to access. You complain this is destroying the game...lets be honest, how much have you traveled till now , when there was no viscosity? You notice its hard to reach certain places only now that you got scared they might become inaccessible but while they were accessible nobody visited them. Traveling to get heat is not what i intended traveling for.

Quest makers that find it difficult to sustain their clickables will receive a new way to do that much much easier, hopefully within a month, depending on how well my other work (new items and such) goes. Keeping clickables active won't depend on viscosity or far away inaccessible locations.

Pickles are not the solution to viscosity, Fyrd is just one man, his items are more intended for special occasions not for "solving" a realm wide "issue". Visc is not a problem/issue that needs solved, it is a concept change that you will have to deal with. There are countless reasons and _side effects_ i am counting on, many of them are not the obvious ones, and i will not detail them.

The settings for viscosity might change over time, such as the speed it increases at, but the changes are not inteded to keep ENTIRE md fluid. Those that hope to achieve that have very noble intentions but i advise them to focus their efforts in keeping certain paths open rather than entire areas.

Under these updates everything will change, especially things like head contest, quests but also, very important for me, i will be able to keep certain places theoretically open while practically closed at the same time. This means the potential will be there, for who cares.

I am sorry I can't tell you more of my reasons, but i am even more sorry you didn't get used already to the fact i actualy think ahead when throwing apparent wild random changes into play like this.

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I really don't see that viscosity affects the pub, so I have no complaints. Any advise or ideas are always a plus, especially if they come from you. You've never really said anything until now, so I am ready for some new ideas.Thank You. .

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Hey Mur, I'm trying to SELL these cure-all pickles, don't mess up my "snake-oil" sales pitch.

They not only solve the problem of viscosity, they are also good for bad breath, rudeness, brain farts, flat feet, poor eyesight, the heartbreak of psoriasis, noobism, crossed fingers, blue screen, planned obsolescence, death, taxes, body odor, poor memory, and empty pockets (mine).

They have been known to counteract the effects of over-indulgence, hubris, lack of sleep, too much sleep, excessive static cling (i.e. pet hair), and low vitamin deficiencies.

More people who have eaten spicy pickles have survived than not.

Everyone should try one! Or two!

(Yes, this is intended to be humorous. Also to point out that what I CLAIM to be, "ain't necessarily so". Caveat emptor.).

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