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MP6 display issues


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[quote name='Burns' timestamp='1311368237' post='88632']
MP6 can't see descriptions.MP6 can't see the land loyalty tooltip.MP6 can send messages to themselves. (Ohkay, not exactly a big problem... xD)Will update as i find more things.

This isnt really a mp6 issue, they valid across mindpowers if im correct. So you cant view descriptions and loyalty of other Mindpowers. I think its stupid but not nesscarily a bug.

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At least the land loyalty count is visible across all levels.

Probably it's no bug, but i can't see how that would be intended, either.
I just wanted to kind of bring it up before MP6 gets widely available (or not, who knows).

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I say that the same for mp6 is the same for all mp levels. Me as mp5 can not see description or land loyalty on mp3, mp4, mp6. And neither an mp3 can view those on another player's higher mp level. I wouldn't count it as a bug, this has been ever since I began playing and I am guessing it was like this way before I came in the picture.

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