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Clash of the Lands


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[center][/center][b][size="5"]Clash of the Lands[/size][/b]

[center][/center] Citizens, are you ready to fight alongside your allies and bring glory to your land? In this event citizens of Marind Bell, Loreroot, Underground, GG, Necrovion, MDA, Established housing, and the Tribunal will be fighting to see which land can prevail and win the Land Cup (trophy)

[center][/center] [b][size="4"]Participation Requirement[/size][/b] : 2 sc's and you need to be a citizen of either MB,LR,UG,GG,NC,MDA, established housing, or Tribunal

[center][/center] [b][size="4"]Rewards[/size][/b] : Aged GG (320 day's right now) for first place and the Land Cup to his or her King/Queen (First place gets to have the Land Cup if his or her land doesn't have a King/Queen), and a 5 gc note for second place.

[center][/center] [b][size="4"]Contest Starts[/size][/b] : Day 209 at 18:00 server time

Additional information:
1. No, there won't be a BHC medal for this event. BHC medals are rewarded for the actual BHC.
2. All MP levels can join but there is no fighting restriction between MP levels.
3. Fighters will be scattered every 3 hours.
4. Score to reach stage two is 30,000

I will give more information throughout the event

The sign up page is up now.

[center][/center][b][size="4"]How to Sign Up[/size][/b]: Click the challenge link at the top of your MD page and then click the sign up link under the boss trophy heads contest area. This link should also take you to the sign up page [url="http://magicduel.com/sitegizmo/bosscontest_signup.php"]My link[/url]

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I didn't plan on letting them join, but since it's marked on the list as a land and I now remember there are some people in it, I'll change it now.

Stage two lasts 48 hours. I won't say how much score is needed to push stage one into stage two until this starts.

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NML, Prison, and Labyrinth citizens can't compete.

I didn't waste my time clicking on prison or the labyrinth because I think I've only seen one citizen from the labyrinth and none from prison. NML isn't on the land list.

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[quote name='MoM' timestamp='1311961834' post='89122']
do I get a little praise for being the only MP3 who actually tried out ^^

No not really (First BHC was won by mp3 (and that person still owes me a drach for that))

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[font="Book Antiqua"][color="#696969"]there was no limitations on upgrading back then, but it was not what granted Yoshi to win the BHC. In the first stage unallied MP3 even after joining BHC could not have been attacked by MP5s.
Ann. 1474 - [2010-05-02 20:13:06 - Stage 10]
BOSS Heads Competition (First test)

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First Place: Shemhazaj (32,276 score)

Second Place: Lone wolf (3773 score)

The BHC lasts much longer and the reward is better. I have the ability to throw BHC's, obviously these events are going to be similar.

Now that it's over I would appreciate it if the thread was closed soon.

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