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WTB a girlfriend

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I want to buy a girlfriend, though I will not pay in silver or Gold (but that doesn't mean I won't give her gifts ;) ) I'll buy with words and emotions and actions...
so basically to start, we have to go out on an MD date, leave the 'where and what to do and when' to me =D just post down here, and the date is almost done ^^
requirments :
a girl =D
would like :
young age :P preferably MP3
hates Guillak =D

just post your name :P that's all I want =D, I should have waited till I had more popularity, but this way, you'll get to meet me AND have a boy friend ^^ lol hope you love me and I love ya XP

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[quote name='DarkPriestess' timestamp='1311695990' post='88883']
Are you kidding me? I never agreed on Grido getting her, you think I would allow a newbie? Not to mention that dst is way out of his league.

I know she's out of his league..... that's the point of the suggestion :))

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don't worry dst, I have for you total respect, and so would never do that, as you deserve much better ^^
(and yes, I am being flattering... -_- but better be on her good side and not her bad =D)

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[quote name='dst' timestamp='1311703689' post='88896']
WHAT? Did anyone at least stop for a minute and ask me??

And why me? Aren't there enough girls in MD to choose from?

Well who else will it be?
Gort Hedra never talks, Princess katt is out, Lintara is taken, Windy is so far out of his league he can't hope to see her... plus she's taken, I meen, there arn't terribly many girls.. or I'm missing them all (not complaining if I am) And those that do exist, are out of his league.

Think of him like... A make a wish foundation child. He wants a date, and if it's with you, peace will kill him afterwords.
Or eon might try later on. *salutes Eon, breaker of the new*

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[quote name='MoM' timestamp='1311844766' post='88994']
@Quas, this is in case things don't go too well with Eva ^^
and @Katt, basically, it'll be weird saying "hi, click the scroll to start... (more help comes here), now, will you be my girl friend =)?"

Now, don't get me wrong- you have some kind of relationship with Eva, and you still wrote up this topic?

Does she know about this here?

It's not my place to comment really but personally I think you ought to open this topic AFTER you make sure what your relationship with Eva is or you broke up with her. If she's fine with it, it's between you two, shrug, though I have to admit I am not impressed by the way this topic goes so far...

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I find this topic inappropiate and would asuggest to one of the moderators to close it
MoM you;re patethic making such proposals , no matter where on the forum (or ingame) you put it.

Take this as warning and reconsider your attitude.

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