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I was pondering things while taking a stroll, and I thought I'd turn one of my questions into a miniquest/contest. I have a question regarding brains. Post any questions about MY question, here. Answers will be posted here and any duplicates will be disqualified, so read the other entries carefully before you enter yourself. You, the readers, will vote for your favorite answer using the like buttons. The top 5 you choose will go to a final round, where I will select two, a winner and a runner-up. The rewards?

First Place: 3 silver

Second Place: 2 silver

The rather long question(s):

Do some brains share the same shape? If so, why do they not share the same thoughts? Just because of the way they develop? Affected by upbringing? Or, does everyone have a different brain shape? And does this affect the way our brain develops and the way we learn? Some people have better memory than others, is this because of brain shape? Or are some people just using less of their brain than others?


Q: Are multiple entries allowed?
A: There is a maximum of 2 entries per person

Q: Do you need a certain number of participants for the contest to continue?
A: A minimum of 7 participants is needed.

Q: Is there a time limit?
A: There is no time limit for now, I will start round two when I feel like it, so try to get your entries in!

Q: Can I enter after the final round has started?
A: You can post your answer, but it will not be counted in the contest.

Post any more questions below, thanks,


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Do some brains share the same shape? If so, why do they not share the same thoughts? Just because of the way they develop? Affected by upbringing? Or, does everyone have a different brain shape? [/quote]

A rough 'shape' might be considered the same on a macro level (ie for identical twins); however, on the micro level the brain is host to a trillion (give or take ;) ) of neurons which have grown and been pruned into their unique shape by their owner's unique upbringing. Take, for instance, the aboveground growth of a tree. It may have the same 'shape' as others of its species, but its environment (weather, soil contents, amount of water available, etc) shapes its particular branching patterns.

A memory is an experience stored, and since no two people can share the exact same experience, no two people can have the exact same memory.

[quote]And does this affect the way our brain develops and the way we learn? [/quote]

For the brain, genetics provide the form from which it will develop, but most of its development comes from environmental influence. Form feeds function, sure - but function feeds form to a much greater extent.

[quote]Some people have better memory than others, is this because of brain shape? Or are some people just using less of their brain than others?[/quote]

Memories are formed between neurons and synapses, so the myth of science says; however, do not rocks have memories? Do they not provide a glimpse of Time in the past? Think of fossils found in rock. It is a memory of sorts. But getting back to your question, some people, due to genetic malfunction of environmental stressors, have less memory function.

Neurons grow like muscles - the more they are used, the more connections are made. If they are not used (ie, if the memories aren't accessed, if the practice of storing memories is weak), they atrophy as well.

(just a few thoughts, I might elaborate more later if i get the time)

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The shape or make-up of a brain changes as we develop, it's a nature/nurture debate waiting to happen so-to-speak. The basic make-up shape of our head is defined by our skull shape, the brain (generally, not always) filling the shape of it's container, the skull in turn is defined initially by genetics and also by the upbringing, to use a rather harsh metaphor, if you keep a child's head in a jar whilst they grow up, the the head will become jar-shaped.

Our memories are connections between neural synapses, the way our brain is connected, even brains which are the same shape, twins with the same upbringing for instance, will have a different pattern to their brains, they will send different connected signals, have different memories - more complicated than I can explain/know.

You can have different levels of activity in different areas of the brain, it's been shown that people in murderers have an increased frontal lobe (whether that was increased before, or developed after the murdering is unable to be defined), so does the increased frontal lobe make you more predisposed to violence/murder? It can be stated that any increased area of the brain would make you predisposed to one thing or the other (hyper-emotionality for example, photographic or better memory as another).

It's a common misconception that some people use more of their brain than others, each section of the brain is used for different things, some people's brains work faster than others - like a lot of things, more you use it the easier it becomes, but we all use the same proportion (provided you don't have any brain deformities (if someone has a better word, please tell me)).

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A brain is like a violin. The exterior shape only determines which wavelenths/frequencies will find resonance therein. The electrical impulses racing around the neurons will leave little permanant footprints on the well-worn paths, much like a holographic recording.

No two brains with different shapes will resonanate with the same experiences the same way.

No two beings ever experience the same thing anyway.

It would take an incredible coincidence (or miracle) for different brains with different experiences to self-select their memories to end up with the same recordings of their experiences.

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Human Brains size and shapes depends on human body's length and weight.
Even by chance if we end up having same brains shape we don't think the same. Whats the point in living a world with similar thinking hehe.

Brains r divided into various sections. Each sections has its own responsible jobs like thinking power, Memory, reflex action, breathing and such.
All u need to do is to give work/ tasks to such sections so that It is well tuned.
There r ways to Maximize ur Brains output by
1) Yoga - Meditation at deeper lvl will enhance not only ur brains but also Physical health
2) Playing games( of course not MD lol), There r genuine Brain fitness programs join one and u will feel the difference.
3) Eating - Yep thats my favorite way. Brains needs certain foods.

Avoid : Alcohol, TV, Master Granos hehe

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[b]From a MD perspective...[/b]
Everyone's (all people's, not everyone) mind is a cube and is held exterior to the body. Many small wooden cubes have been said to litter the carnival of Marind Bell. They are all the same shape, although they may differ in size, colour and apparent material.
The minds perhaps share the same thoughts, but people will act on different thoughts because it depends which one 'catches the eye'; which one is concious against the others being unconscious thoughts. The upbringing and environment of the person is the deciding factor as to what thoughts are concious (on the surface).
The mind develops as the person ages and is constantly changing. On the outside of the cube this is not always apparent although changes in size colour and apparent material have been noted.
The inside of the cube contains the memories and experiences of the person. The persons ability to hold memory and not forget it, is dependant on how full the cube is of unwanted memories and experiences and how many candles you left burning.
It has been known for people to be drawn into their cubes when in a state of mental unrest or overwhelming guilt. When this happens it is possible the person may die from the challenges they find there.

[b]Disclaimer: [/b]Do not take the above text as true, it is completely unscientific and is a fiction based on my characters experiences in MD.

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Okay so this is my answer to your question:

I believe that we all have different brain shapes because we are all "different" to begin with. No one is completely the same and that's when uniqueness of being human comes to play. We are all "unique" therefore not the same especially when it comes to ideas/thoughts because some friends will agree at something but they will still disagree strongly in other topics. It is that way because of experience and beliefs(not in a religious point of view).

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Brain is composed of nervouse tissue and informations goes form cell to cell by neurotransmitters and by electrical action potentials. This is common with all brains(including animal brains).

For the humans, there is a specific strcture called the limbic system that regulates our affective life and memory. Theese structures are shared by all humans in an identical way. The way the information is sent and stored differs from person to person.

The brain has different commanding centers = motor center in frontal lobe, sensitive center in parietal lobe, seeing center, etc. (for all different actions there is a commanding center).

Now, for the difference among us in a more astract way. Everybody can study to understand principles, theories and advanced formulas. The difference is made on theoretical mathematics, physics or even theology. Imagination witch respects and bends to a good limit some laws and innovation makes the difference.

Some are not smarter than others, but are not that limited. There are a lot of aspects we do not understand and probably witch we will never understand. We are limited by nature and by our learning reflexes but we also have a rather *personal* limitation.
That limitiation varies from person to person and it can only be pushed further and further away by innovative persons who bend laws and create theoretical formulas witch in the future can be validated by other people.

We all have the same potential, but it is limited by only ourselves and for each person that breaks the barrier limitation, wee all raise the barrier a bit, and a bit, and a bit.... Everyone is influenced by inovations found by the *more unlimited* persons and everybody is influenced by everyone until they are able to rise above the mass when they are developed enough and able to make innovations by themselves, so the next generation can grow even more and more until the end of all, or the *reset* of all.

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Due to the lack of voting, I will judge the two winners. I appreciate all competitors and it's been interesting reading your responses. For any more entries, I give you 24hrs to post them here. If by then, there are no new entries, I will declare the winners. Thank you for your participation,


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All of the entries are wonderful, it was a difficult decision. I've decided that first place goes to living_puppet, and second to Phantom Orchid. However, I've decided to give all other entrants 1 silver coin each, for participation and quality of entries. Please message me and let me know when you are around so I may reward you. Thank you all!


UPDATE: Grido, Living Puppet, Fyrd Argentus, Phantom Orchid, Tipu -- Have been rewarded

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