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[Necrovion] Scholar of Necrovion History

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Its good to see someone so ambitious but at the same time, a lot of the Vets won't like it if a relative newb came by and claimed to be a Necrovion History expert. Infact, a lot of them will probably demean you for it.

I would suggest a lesser role for now, and build up to this one instead. That seems to be a much more reasonable path. Good luck!

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Draguul, this is the area in which your Character's Story is told... Now, if you had a question, you could have a Mod move this to the proper section.

Or, you could have PM'd Udgard himself with your query.

He never claimed he was an expert. He said he was studying under Peace. One could be a scholor, and still learn, as it will be their profession in the future. I see no reason why anyone would ever demean him for learning things about Necrovion. I certainly see no reason why he shoul dhave to go for something 'lesser' just because of some imaginary fact that people would argue at him for it.

If he wants it to be his role, then by damn, LET IT BE HIS ROLE. As long as he's learning the things he's learning, and making strides to become a better person within this role, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with what he is doing. Perhaps he wants to better Necrovion. Or maybe he wishes to do something for MD in the future. everyone has that capability. To belittle them and suggest they go for something lesser is ridiculous.

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1. A specialist in a particular branch of study, esp. the humanities; a distinguished academic: "a Hebrew [b]scholar[/b]".
2. A person who is highly educated or has an aptitude for study

Now, that seems to me that a Scholar is a Specialist in a Specific Area of Study.

From PERSONAL experience, I have SEEN people get attacked by the Necrovion Elitist for trying to create an advanced role deep with in Necrovion such as this without brown nosing the right people.

As far as I am concerned, which I have already shown by the words in my first comment, I think he should go for it. Continue learning about Necrovion. It's incredibly entertaining and philisophical.

Curiose you need to jump off my back for once, and stop being so damn biased towards EVERYTHING I do. I was supportive, I gave some constructive criticism, and you jump in, guns blazing, acting like I was calling him stupid, and that it was a dumb idea to even suggest it.

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To get this over with and have Dragual work on his role without being affected by other's opinion but those only from Necrovion.

Me and a few others are somewhat scholars of Necrovion, knowing its history via Al, personal experiences and the forum. And some of its secrets which we learned them either the hard way or the easy way. He chose to have that role, which means he will actually need to study a lot to eventually receive a tag and a related item.

He has my support for he shows interest and dedication, something I really admire but only to few of those who choose Necrovion as their homeland have it.

Now, this topic started as a mere question for an item, not for a role. His role will be presented slowly as he improves. If Dragual agrees, I would like this topic closed for the moment until he is ready to present his role.

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If the best thing to do is to close this until I earn said titile, then so be. I will put forth the work Peace mentioned to do so, and hopefully prove my worth. So by all means close it for now and I will PM you when I'm ready for this to open back up.

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