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Some of you may remember me asking for a show of response from anyone interested in being a forum mod. This was to gauge if there was anyone who would be a good replacement if anyone were to leave or other such event.

Many of the people who applied did so becuase they "would help if help was needed" which is wonderful, however a little more dedication is needed (someone did quite honestly say "they wanted spells in MD, which is rather... at odds to what it is).

But one person has been bothering me for a while, applying and re applying commenting that i hadnt "said anything" about their application. And however much he applied at that time we didnt need another mod. However things change and we must prepare, so he shall certainly be welcomed to the moderation team well.

I want to Thanks Burns for applying these multiple times, and achieving a place on the moderation team, I offer him my congratulations and my best luck for his work.

Thank you everyone else who has applied, if things go as they might, we might be needing another, so we have noted your names down.

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  • Root Admin

Spam does work... Hence thats why they continue to spam. The amount of "spam" email that is sent out, they make money off it so that it continues to do business. Its just a business, they don't sent all that Viagra out for no reason, people do buy this rubbish!

Its a quite nice little business plan, infect some computers, use their bandwidth, peddle your drugs. Kerching!

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Congratulations Burns! I expect that you'll torch the spammers and stab them with your stick sword! (If you have no idea what I mean, refer to the picture I drew for burnsie ages ago that he has in his papers.)

[size=2][i]Edited: 'cause I was half asleep when I posted.[/i][/size]

Edited by Amoran Kalamanira Kol
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