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Good Night for all,
After the realease of new rule of upgrade based on MP level , i have some friend like many people here that stopped play MD for some changes tha they dont liked ....
Have some other topics that talk about .....
One topic say to pay 30 silvers for be Mp 6 for some time etc.... same Mp-6 are not agreeing with it cause of noble perpuse that consist in get MP-6, lot of workk that they expent for have their adept.....etc......
Why not continue with this kind of upgrade based on MP upgrade , but giving alternative , like :

training a creature until the costs for upgrade was reached minus MP, paying one credit for upgrade the creature that already reached others needs less Mp , example :

Needed for upgrade... Won battles +45 Age +23 MindPower +Advance or one credit
With this way the creature will have alternatives for upgrade , remembering that others requirements needs to be reached too....

-With this way we are going to have two possibilities ,.... other advantages is that we will not reduce the valor of MP 6 in game , considering that 20 ~30 adepts for upgrade i dont know certain the number , but we dont have so much players to be adepts for help others, and be MP 6 only for upgrade creatures we will reduce valor of that noble Mp.... with we need 10 players(sure is more) for example maybe we need to remove from that players that aready are MP6 that have same noble reason like help others, to give it for other player that only want to have adepts for upgrade their creatures.... we need to undrstand that we dont have enough players to be adepts for players that want to upgrade cretures only........

I want discuss it , to help MD grow..

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You need to remember that MP6 changes aren't finished. New mp6 will be VERY different. I know, waiting is sometimes anoying, but MD is in constant developing and things takes a bit.

As for a temporary solution credits idea could be an option.


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Wishpoints its a so high price to upgrade same creatures no??? wishpoint are given to people that does something special in game like quests etc...... so for its a really high price for upgrade almost all creatures........... i dont know how about other people think about it...

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I too agree with baiano with this matter. I have been playing this game for sometime now and still cannot get to MP6 because of the fact I cannot get enough adapts. This is what initially prompted only to collect activity days in the game without doing anything else.

About the creature update I'm pretty sure I saw some announcement or a post saying that creatures which require higher MP levels will be disabled once the player drops back to a lower level. So my question is what is the purpose of upgrading then?

Also the XP upper limit on MP5 restricts most of these people of engaging in the game properly. (Yeah there are XP lowering rituals but you need some other help from another party I guess and a Wish-point thing as well.) Also I think wish-point is a too valuable thing to spend on a creature. Coz not everybody can solve or get WP's. Even-though its a little common now than earlier times.

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Lower EXP can be done by sacrificing creatures as well, all you need to do is buy it from somebody.

The creatures being disabled doesn't affect MP5, only MP4 and MP3

And I haven't seen you trying to recruit adepts, but I may just be a little blind. I will say that MP6 is achieved through effort, not time. In fact, someone who's 150 days old may have an easier time than someone who's 600, because they would be more connected with the MP3s and MP4s that they grew with whereas the 600 day old might only notice a younger player once they get to MP5, or once they're pointed out by somebody. How often do you just go to the Park and say hello to the younger players?

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I actually know how to get adepts. I'm not a believer of Hunting adapts as well. I did that when this feature came in and I was like pretty new back then. Most of my adepts are not playing anymore maybe alts of some may be not.

I will always help any player who asks me if I can help them. But I do not do what the LHO's do or go and say hello as you have mentioned.

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.....there has been a lot of talk done about this
[url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9178-creatures-require-mp-level-to-advance/page__hl__advance__fromsearch__1"]here[/url], I support with MP6 requirement only on the fact ..."[b]running around to get adepts will really increase your acquaintance with other players here[/b]" and currently I am doing that, I have some of drachs and DAs to upgrade. People are really helpful out here, you just need to ask thats it..... regarding WP...I would to see it distributed at some regular intervals :) ...lets wait

[size=2]@[b]baiano [/b]if you wish to help me please be my adept for a week. :D [/size]


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