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Tea Auction

Phantom Orchid

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I am auctioning 6 Cups of Aromatic Tea, consumable items with 3 uses per item.

If the reserve price is not met (bidding does not go as high as I'd like) I will withdraw the auction.

[edit: I will break up the items to auction if no one bids satisfactorily for all of them]

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[quote][color="#CCCCCC"]Ann. 1988 - [2011-08-18 07:31:22 - Stage 10][/color]
[b]Aromatic Tea![/b]
At the tea market, deep inside Tribunal Land, you can find teapots and tea recipes (shared tools) to brew aromatic tea. You will require branches, tea leaves some aromatic herbs and of course water. Heat is also needed (heat stones or heat jars) to light up the branches and boil the water. The tea its quite tasty and caffeinated so you will get quite a kick from it. Effect lasts about 20min and its similar to the shop regeneration time booster, with a twist. Effect is stackable so careful if you drink too much tea, you will run around like crazy. Oh and don't forget to get some tea cups on your way there, you can find them in the kitchen, enter by Jesters door. A teapot holds enough tea to fill four cups. (Remeber - cauldron type items require serious team work, you wont be able to use them on your own and will take some learning time till you learn how to prepare a recipe, but its worth it so dont give up. Use the forum for feedback)[/quote]

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  • Root Admin

He is selling Tea..in case you refer to that. All products you obtain from using the shared tools are your goods, only the tools themselves you shouldnt sell thats all. The tea was slighlty bugged when it was launched, now all cups are fine, so in case you tested it back then, it might be more efficient now. Regeneration time is 3min.

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