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minor typo in choosing Protector - says MP7


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The text displayed to choose a Protector to Worship reads as follows:

[quote]Type in the playername you will worship. Player must be Mindpower 7 and you will get in a close gaming relationship with him. You must respect and obey your protector, denying your protectors wishes or changing him will cost you dearly. Your protector will have life and death powers over you.[/quote]

Minor thing, but (unless this is changing soon?) it should say MindPower 6, who are currently the Protectors we worship.

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[spoiler]A few weeks into starting MD, I saw a banner at the to of the screen (similar to the banner seen at previous MD birthdays and the festival of pain). It stated about an event which involved only MP8s "a previously hidden level" I recall it said. Other than that the only thing I vaguely remember about it was it took place in RL. I may be wrong as this is a very hazy memory. However I do know that MPs 0, 8 and 9 have either existed or will exist in future because of the MP images next to characters names.[/spoiler]

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