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Dutch translation of rhymes

Muratus del Mur

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as the Dutch translation is almost complete, we need someone skilled in Dutch that can translate rhymes from english.

You know the motto lines that apear in each location on the map, that is what we need it for.

If anyone out there think he can help with this , please pm a sample of a motto translation to Shoeps (he is in charge with the dutch translation) , you cna contact him here on the forum or in the game.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Right I am busy with it, but for now, I'll only be able to do them till next sunday, then I have to study for my end exams, including which, will take about 5 weeks, after that, I bet I need just another week till I finally have every motto finished. So it's not that very necessary in my opinion, but if you want to help, just say so :)

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I just posted a reply somewhere else, failed to read some further. but I would be glad to help out. We could also make a dutch team making the translations. My English writing is pretty poor(dyslexie) but my dutch skills are pretty advanced:P also we as being from the Netherlands are more capeable of making rhyms..(in dutch then)

greetings, orlando.

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This topic is very old, and I see that the Dutch translation is (almost) finished. I am a translator/writer and could maybe be valuable. Contact me please if something has to be translated or written in Dutch.

By the way, I am skilled. Have my masters.

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