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Stat damage at MP3


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I'm not sure, but this : [b]regeneration[/b] --44.766 [b]energeticimmun[/b] --44.8 [b]tradesense[/b] --44.8 [b]briskness[/b] --44.8 [b]initiative[/b] --44.8 [b]defence[/b] --44.8 [b]attack[/b] --44.8 [b]power[/b] --33.6 [b]luck[/b] --6.72
shouldn't really be for an MP3, should it?
what's going on?

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It happens. You'll get it back, MoM. ^^ The next time you get cursed, you can always log off, or if that's impossible... run away to a sanctuary.

Edit: However, some of those stats are extremely difficult to raise, such as your regen and briskness. I feel really sorry for you. :(

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Perfectly normal, you've just been mur-cursed.
That's the thing that is used as punishment when simple jail just doesn't sound like enough.

Ann. 1177 - [2009-11-19 18:44:35 - Alpha 9]
Better than directly ban ...
"Curse" punishment spell will be used from now on for minor crimes, not always announced. The spell is cast for now only by me and drains a high amount of skills (-1k to -4k) for over a week. Longer periods and higher drains are possible for each cast of the spell. The cursed accounts will get 2800% skilldamage on all their lost fights during this period. This spell is designed to be used mainly against players that do abuses related to stat gaining and alt using with the purpose to boost their main acc, but its not limited to. (values and power of the spell might change without notice or per case and they are not subject to debate or complain)

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acutally he did it for fun and for testing :P he said mind if I curse you I told him hit me with ur best :P
I didn't think he'd actually hit me with his best -.-

and no, I'm pretty sure I'm not getting it as a punishment, as he keeps telling me that 'when contact takes the things back, come to me for your reward'
so I'm being rewarded, not punished =D

EDIT : also, I never get stat gain, so even with the 2800% boost, I should stay at 0 stat damage...

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