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WP Shop. Wishs already granted


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This is to let you know that
some of the wishes i have gotten already from the WP shop are listed again.
I was not sure if i had lost thoes wishes but it looks like i have not

[b][color=#CC0000]There was a problem with your wish[/color][/b]
[b]Unable to grant wish 38.[/b]

#You allready have access through this area. If its because of a temporary effect you need to wait for that effect to pass before trying again. If you have indeed permanent access to that area then there is no need to spend a wishpoint on this wish.

But some how the LR entrance one was granted even though i was suppose to have that one already.
So now i have lost another WP. If i could get that back cool if not that is fine.

But there are spells listed that are holding up the list of wishes in the shop and i cant get access to them.

i have also been charged twice for the K doc and for LR back Entrance.

just to add wishes that are still listed but i cant get as i already have them

Edit Grade 4 Clickable items Wish 32
Tunnel to Berserker's Charge Wish 38
Edit ALL Clickable items Wish 44
Access to Oak Tower interior Wish 42
Chapter II access pack to Marinds Bell Wish 43

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