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MDA entrance cost


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With the new MDA entrance cost a player needs at least 39 active days before they are able to enter. (Without any tricks to gain AP and visc at -80) Therefore new players won't be able to get their papers. Is it supposed to be like that? Over a month of active days without being able to get your papers seems a bit long to me.

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I have long been an advocate of "papers are a load of XXXXXX" and vehemently oppose windy in getting new players to go get papers as soon as they want.

Papers dont improve your character, they degrade the experiance, Because in the end, if your roleplay doesnt convey your character to the other person, Then its a pretty bad roleplay.

The many times i have roleplayed, I have never once had papers. The reason being is that i dont want someone to come up to me, and be able to see the reams of things iv done, and the intricies of my character. Because thats not how its like. You dont walk up to someone and immediately know their character and back story, You learn it over time.

Papers are not needed to roleplay effectively, and at the early stages, i dont really think you need them.

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So, we quest coders just need to get busy and adapt! I was getting pretty bored with nothing else to do anyway....

(Back to the drawing board, keep smiling, don't panic, think happy thoughts, look for the silver lining, make lemonade from life's lemons, wear red so the blood doesn't show,......)

ps. There are always pickles.... well, usually.

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