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Thus far, there has been absolutely no announcement from the council. There are twenty minutes or so left until Mur is able to act out his frustrations in his 'day of blind justice'.

The question I hold, for the community and for those waiting for this same announcement to appear.. "How can we put faith in the decision making body of MD (The council) when they themselves cannot communicate with each other enough to keep their word?"

Is silence their answer to the issues that have risen? I make this post to remind the council that we are still waiting for their promised announcement.

The Council Speaks

There are several issues that we, the council would like to address.

The first being the issue of Phantom accusing Grido of not passing on her
problem with an individual. He did pass it on and this was passed onto

There were some issues between Jester and Phantom, Both of who retaliated
to each other, and therefore both were at fault. It was reviewed several
times and decided that neither should receive punishment due to this
reason. The full reasons and details cannot be explained due the public
impact of some of the retaliation regarding Jester and Phantoms roles.
Because alts were used as extensions to support same incident, any
punishment applied to Jester will be applied to all his involved alts as
well. The fact a reaction was delayed for so long is the pure fault of bad
communication with Mur and passing around of a delicate matter with many
unseen reasons. Neither council nor Grido considered they should interfere
with applying a punishment that would have changed political structure
(Jester) or rare roles (Phantom Orchid), therefore Mur alone was supposed
to clear this situation, but didn't. [u][b]Because this raised to a public[/b][/u]
[u][b]complain, an action will be take before the day of "Day of absurdly blind[/b][/u]
[u][b]justice".[/b][/u] For future cases a strategy will be planned to handle similar
incidents in a quicker manner. It is important to mention that Grido was
not allowed to disclose any of the above reasons or say anything about why
the matter is delayed.
Also, it should be noted that Phantom has escaped jail using a spell which
should have been blocked. She did not report this, and since this is
another bug she has abused and not reported she will receive further

Jester will receive punishment for his role in this.[u] [b]An announcement with[/b][/u]
[u][b]the final punishment shall be made public in a few days.[/b][/u]

Regarding Grido's public role.

Grido is one of the very few individuals to have the ability to jail and
unjail people. This ability is something that he has been trusted with by
Mur, and therefore it carries some weight. Grido is also head of the LHO's
and therefore he is allowed to deal with them as he feels fit. However if
the community feels that he is not doing a good job, or that there is
someone better than him, we shall look at possibly a change of leadership.
During this last issue, we have been checking the in game and forum
atmosphere in regards to Grido's role and the overwhelming consensus is
that he is a good LHO leader.

You should feel free to make public posts, regarding his role in the
forum, using polls to indicate the general feel of his ability. But lets
not create one every week or so, based on the same issues.

The mods should close this post if arguments continue.
Also, please be aware of the following:
When reporting any issues between players the council will ONLY take into
account details from within Magicduel's influence. That means anything
outside of Magicduel's influence will not be considered as proof of an
agreement or as proof of harassment.
The likes of YIM, Gtalk, MSN, or any other social network outside of the
control of Magicduel will not be considered. We ask that when you are
logging a complaint to NOT include any of those sort of logs other than
what is provided from the realm of MD.
If you are having issue with players on the other systems you need to
report that to they companies that run them.

MD Council

It has been many days since this [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10723-gridos-actions/"]thread[/url] was closed, please do not make us wait another long span of time.

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[color=#CCCCCC]Ann. 2057 - [2011-10-19 23:59:16 - Stage 11][/color]
[b]Jesters Punishment[/b]
Jester has been banned for at least 3 months for repeated harassment via multiple mediums and previous offenses. This does not mean jail but a full ban.
After the new year the future of Necrovion shall be decided and further action taken, until then Necrovion still has jester as a mock king.
Well, there it is.

Edited by Brulant
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Why don't you make another thread and discuss the subject: "why is jester kept as a mock king"? I am sure it will be one hot topic. And I am sure it will calm the spirits since you complain there's too much drama and fighting in MD already. Hypocrite!

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