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PL Laws Change

Kyphis the Bard

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During the Day of Absurdly Blind Justice the PL laws where brought into question. Muratus made two suggested changes, which he would like the communities opinion on. Remember that these are two [i][b]separate[/b][/i] suggestions, with the second building on the first:[list=1]
[*]PL entries can be flagged as inappropriate/offensive. Flagged PL entries will be sent to moderators to determine if they break the laws governing PL Content. A PL that breaks the PL Content laws can be edited by the moderator. Edited PLs will: be marked to indicate they have been moderated; be edited in such a way as to retain the original meaning without breaking the PL Content laws (ie lots of swearing will be replaced by "very angry", etc). Insulting entries that are worded to not break the PL Content laws will not be edited, as the PL's are for both positive and negative feedback.
[*]The Kings/Queens will be the only people given the ability to flag PL's as inappropriate/offensive. If you have a PL you consider as inappropriate/offensive you will need to contact the King/Queen of the PL writer (not your own) for them to determine if it should be sent for review.

[log=Muratus' original comments in the chat][list=1]
[*]an alternate opinion.....listen /so, what if any comment that sounds unacceptable like the ones mentioned so far, get edited by a mod. reformulated! as a list of how that mod thinks the writer felt or what his opinion was. /the log will be flagged differently so peple know it was re edited /but the message keeps, they will know that whatever a mod re-writes keeps the original idea somehow close, so if he sais, "very angry" it means the writer went wild on insults /the editor cant add things on its own or miss meaning of the message, but will defenetly reformulate it in a less agressive way. to eliminate personality touch, they should just write a series of wo /ords, to describe the entry /that also means the if you really really want to offend someone elegantly, you have to try hard /the mods will handle just offending words posts, not elegant diplomatic insults..
[*]there is an other way /i just realised it /allow only kings to decide what is offending and what not only for citizens /you you got stuck with a more rude leader, bad luck, got stuck with a fluffy flowerpower leader..all citizens will talk nice /oh and i mean, the leader of the WRITER not of the one complaining


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after reading this i have some questions

what will happen if the insulting words would be of a necrovian(hypothetical case), with their current king's situation that seems kinda odd to imply at the moment
and second, not everybody has a king, there are those who have no homelandn or live in the mainlands, and therefore have no ruler (except tribunal)
how will this be handled then?

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  • Root Admin

Case 2 leaves several problems as were raised in the chat when mur suggested the idea.

If they dont have a king, what do you do?
If they are the king what do you do?

I dont think these issues can be easily resolved because the first one means you need to entrust someone else with said power to do it for a land, and personally i dont think you should give someone the "power" in no mans land or archives to decide for their land what is right, since they overall dont have accountability for a land, unlike kings who do.

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suggestion 2 I think should not be added. I mean what king actually just looks at PL's all day. I think everybody should be able to flag them however if there are too many flagged without reason there should be a cooldown timer applied to everybody when flagging. For example you can flag one PL everyday. Since people can spam PL's it may also bring into review the other PL's a person has posted in the last; lets say week into question.

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I think points against the second have already been raised, and I know points against the first were in chat as well, so here is on forum;

I'm fine with the flagging idea, the idea of them being edited by the PL moderators I'm against though, sure they "die" if they edit badly, but who keeps track, who do the issues get reported to when we don't even know who edits them?
On an additional note, everyone writes differently - likely to make it easy to determine who the mods are, which I think is counter to their purpose.

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Of the suggestions I saw on the meeting logs, I think the best and most "generic" would be to simply hide the entry, with a "Content flagged inappropriate" and a click to show it. (similar to how some comments work in other sites)
Then, the content is not -changed- by any mods, and those who wish to view it are welcome to do so. This would remove the slippery slope of changed context, or subjective "editing" potentials.. Granted, it may require more coding though, or jscript or something?

If someone gets offended by this 'hidden' text, that's a whole different issue, since they "accepted" to view it in a sense. As far as the writer of the inappropriate PL entry, they can get a warning or banned if they keep it up or whatever, but the ability to enter it should remain. It's a public log, and Opinion of that person. Negative opinions are still valid, IMHO.

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I think the user should flag their own entry (not kings). It should become invisible only until a Mod addresses the question, and edits it (or not) -- at which point it is treated as any other PL entry and could be edited by the author again, etc.

Regarding english language skills of the moderators -- there are many of us linguistic types who would be happy to craft a euphemism for a mod seeking advise, once they identify a true problem entry.

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  • Root Admin

I think its entirely wrong that someone can have a log apparently "written" by me, that has been edited by someone of a third party, with a completely different agenda to mine. to make it seem nice. If its wrong or whatever hide it with a warning, and if worse, seek punishment of me. But i just dispise the fact that someone can come along and edit my PL logs.

The only way i would be slightly happy with this idea, is if when someone edited it, you were informed of the original, and the new one, so that you would know what has been changed and to what degree. So accountability could be held for people editing them.

I dont care if someone will be punished if they are finally found out, Because damage can already have easily been done where my PL comments have been changed. That is, IF they are found out, at worse case they can change the PL's how they want, and they will stay like that for ages. Especially if someone who has then since left gets their PL comments edited.

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