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Inintife abitnehs!


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I am currently in possession of two absinthe bottles from the Tribunal pub, both of which are infinite. I won't say here how to do it (I'm 90% sure of how I did it >>), but yeah. Either a bug or a Halloween miracle.

Drunk line

II am clutrenry in pseoosissn of two ansbithe boettls form the Tubanirl pbu, btoh of which are ietnniif. II won't say hree how to do it ('Im 90% srue of how II did ...hic ... it >>), ...hic ... but yahe. Eeithr aa bug ...hic ... or aa ...hic ... Haeollwen malrice.

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If you grab a drink from the pub, when the drink is consumed it will return to your inventory even if you are the one consuming it. They will only return to the pub during the item regroup. That's what I have figured out and probably others know as well.

I don't believe that would count as a spoiler, but it may be a bug though depending on how the drinks were intended to work.

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