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Second level resource production via creatures

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As you saw in the announcements, we have a series of new resources like Fat, solid stench and skin, all produced through a creature (the grasans this time) from a basic resource , the Wiiya gas.[color=#808080] (NO the ferment is not a resource, its a usable thing as it is, gets you dizzy/drunk. it is basically a 3'rd level item)[/color]

There are plenty of other basic resources, and i would like to have part of them processed through other creatures to produce other second level resources.

The second level resources are more advanced or 'complicated' products that require a level of processing and can't be found/gathered in raw form, or are very very rare in raw form. Give me some paired examples of what creatures (include cr level if you can) could be able to produce if eating/using/consuming a certain existing resource.

For example:

[b]creature: Toxicodendrite[/b]
[b]consumes: toxic herbs[/b]
[b]produces: poison [/b](new 2nd level product)
[b]production: 0.2[/b] (means it needs 5 toxic herbs to generate 1 poison)

more abstract creatures could use more unusual resources, but stick to the ones existing already. branches could be processed into sticks, lumber into planks or whatever next "more advanced" material would be called.

too bad nobody was able to gift me a cow drawing i could actually use or we would have had milk and cheese and such now.

I see two ways, but maybe you see more. One is to have the creature process a certain resource into something more, and the other is that the creature will consume that resource and generate somethign specific to the creature itself, like the grasans do now

Don't worry i will add my own too, but i need some ideas where to start, and i am sure you can't wait to get involved :)

NOTE: primary resoruce is any resource you will find gatherable in a location

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creature: Remains
consumes: lumber
produces: Oak Plank
production: 0.01

creature: Remains
consumes: lumber
produces: Pine Plank
production: 0.1

Various planks can be created this way. I felt that the hardwoods should use more lumber than softwoods

creature: Unholy Priest
consumes: Sawdust (I guess this isn't a primary resource but I thought I'd add it)
produces: Paper (plain)
production: 0.25

creature: Scout
consumes: branches
produces: stick
production: 0.5

**** No way to harvest the following primary resources yet ****

creature: Heretic Archer
consumes: treebark
produces: twine
production: 0.1

creature: Elemental
consumes: resin
produces: amber
production: 0.1

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Creature: Aramor
Consumes: Tea Leaves -- Can't you dull down tea leaves? I'd change this to coffee beans, but those don't exist yet.

Produces: Coffee
Production: 0.2


Creature: Knator
Consumes: Bones + Unidentified Plants
Produces: Compost
Production: 0.2


Not yet possible:

Creature: Reindrach/Santa/Nutcracker (Any Christmas creature)
Consumes: Cocoa beans + Fenths
Produces: Hot Cocoa
Production: 0.25

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Creature: Majestic Winderwild
Consumes: 3/4 Fenths + 1/4 Water
Regeants*: Another Majestic Winderwild.
Produces: Bird Egg with random token or special ability.
Production: 0.01

Regeant* : Something the creature will need (pasivelly, not consumed) in order to produce.

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[b]Joker Family [/b](All levels)

[b]Consumes: Coloured paper[/b]

[b]Produces: Paper origami[/b] (Paper crowns, balloons or anything really... should be random so there is a chance for everything. Some should be more rare than others.)

[b]Production: 0.25[/b]

[b]Tree Family [/b](Probably after remains would make more sense)

[b]Consumes: Rainwater + 3k Heat Stored[/b]

[b]Produces: Fruits [/b](Apples? Lemons? Wait, do lemons grow on trees? Eh... Peaches are good too) [b]+ Leaves[/b]

[b]Farming[/b] (Can I invent skills now or no...): [b]0.2[/b]

[b]Elemental Family[/b] (Lv 2+)

[b]Consumes: 2k Heat Stored + Lumber[/b]

[b]Produces: Torch[/b]

[b]Production: 0.15[/b]

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[b]Toxicondrite Seed [/b](Lv 2+)
[b]Consumes: [/b]Unidentified Plants
[b]Produces: [/b]Berries (or Fibers)
[b]Gathering?: +0.02[/b]

[b]Toxicondrite Seed [/b](Lv 3+)
[b]Consumes: [/b]Sand
[b]Produces: [/b]Loam
[b]Composting?: +0.02[/b]

[b]Water Being [/b](Lv 3+)
[b]Consumes: [/b]Sand
[b]Produces: [/b]Mineral Water?
[b]Filtering?: +0.02[/b]

[b]Winderwild[/b] (Lv 3+)
[b]Consumes: [/b]wiiya
[b]Produces: [/b]Feathers
[b]Gathering?: +0.01[/b]

[b]Heretic Archer[/b] (Lv 3+)
[b]Consumes: [/b]Branches
[b]Produces: [/b]Arrows orSticks
[b]Gathering?: +0.01[/b]

[b]Angien[/b] (Lvl 3+)
[b]Consumes: [/b]Skin
[b]Produces: [/b]Vellum/Paper
[b]Crafting?: +0.02[/b]

[b]Unholy Priest[/b] (Lv 2+)
[b]Consumes: [/b]Paper (coloured or otherwise?) + Heat?
[b]Produces: [/b]Ashes
[b]Dispersal (or[/b] Propaganda[b] ;)[/b][b])[/b][b]: +0.01[/b]

[b]Empty Aramors[/b] (max level)
[b]Consumes: [/b]Fat
[b]Produces: [/b]Candles
[b]Chandling[/b][b]?: +0.02[/b]

[b]Empty Aramor[/b] (max level)
[b]Consumes: [/b]Skin + Fat + Syntropic Dust + Wiiya + Fenths + Heat + Water (+ Sand + Wind + Fire) + OMG RUN!
[b]Produces: [/b]that which should not be named
[b]Skill: +0.02[/b] Necromancy :)
Note, this is more of a saracastic suggestion, because honestly, this idea suddenly worries me and I don't want to see it in MD fully)

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