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Good evening.

I do not know much of coding but I was thinking it would be really cool if we have a spell or an extra feature that lets us broadcast a song or a musical piece for the game. Whether it is for roleplaying or just chilling.

1. I know that some may abuse this so there should be a mute option for those who do not want this. Or an allow music button to control this extra feature.

2. Perhaps this should be deep in the shop so that there would not be a lot of people blasting music everywhere.

3. I do not know how to resolve the issue of more than one song being played at once... perhaps the first one who plays has priority and they shall only play in order.

Thank you for considering.


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This is already a feature, has been a very long time. It is a magic spell.

If you wish to play music without useing magic there are many ways to do that as well (such as clickies and papers)

EDIT: Pip sniped my post :P

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Note though, voice is currently still kinda bugged (may take multiple casts to work, refresh, etc, whoknows what is needed) and it only lasts 15mins.

Plus, it is currently not accessible. If it were permanent, one use would have to WP based and the song should be reviewed/removed under similiar rules to renaming- if it's just the spell, I think early stages in wishshop would do fine.

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