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Old MDP song brought back?

Soothing Sands


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[quote name='Soothing Sands' timestamp='1324568208' post='98339']
Hmmm well i'll look for one that doesn't have ads, if that even exists. I didn't know it would do that...

And to Burns, the music player (start/stop button) is still there, so i guess the target video just needs to be changed.

That's exactly what i was saying, Mur didn't take the video out, youtube did. I'm curious if you'll find one that's not an infringement, though.

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Quas how about this one

When Lord Tipu enters the Park

and when Mp4s gets the butts kicked by Lord Tipu

and when me plotting

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I did some searching and i can't find any "official" video of this song on youtube. And her website is under construction, which isn't helpful. We will probably have to stick with the one i posted above...

Also- If someone makes a radio that doesn't have "How much is that dog in the window", then it's wrong.

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