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WTS Wind


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Hello MDers as some of you may know I am trying to remove all notes and or cupons off the Market. Seeing as i have quickly run out of coins i will be auctioning off a personal creature of mine, in the attempt to remove many more notes and cupons.

I just recently Mutated a GG into a Horrible Wind which is now for auction.

I will primarily be taking notes and cupons along with coins. Now what I mean primarily is that lets say MDer A offers a 20 Gold Coin Note and MDer B offers 20 Gold Coins I'll take MDer's A offer. (of course 20gcs is too low for me to sale but its just an example :P)

Anyways Bid away, the auction shall end when i feel am getting a nice chunk of change to keep removing more notes.

P.S. If anyone has been keeping track of my sales, knows there's more to come...

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