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Santa Needs Help!


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So.... Santa is real.

He is currently stuck in my creature inventory, and has absolutely no way out to deliver the presents for Christmas!

Santa has sent me this letter by penguin:



I am in great need of your services! I have been held captive by my very own invention! Apparently, when I cloned, and multiplied myself, my clones have gone and confused themselves with creatures! Since I refused to join them, they forced me into your creature inventory! I need you to deliver gifts for me! There is a red sack hidden in the Accursed Growth. Recover it and deliver my gifts!

Ever grateful;

PS: You will be removed from the naughty list if you do this favour for me!

So, I went to the Accursed Growth, and found the Sack! Buuuut... it was empty when I found it. *coughs*

So, I need to find a group of people to auction of as slaves. *grins*

So, (as the previous years before have) I am looking for individuals willing to allow themselves to be sold into slavery!

You ask how this will replenish Santa's missing presents? Why... with what you pay for your slaves! *grins*

So, this is how it works:

You put yourself up for auction; you get sold to your new Master. Your new Master pays me (Santa's little helper LOL), and then I deliver your Master's funds for Santa to random people in the street!

Slaves must then make toys, gifts, or nuclear bombs for their new master. It's the way things work. You have to do something for them. :)

(Slaves will get a small bonus at the years end for being good slaves. Maybe some hay to sleep on.)

So, if you wish to be auctioned off, please post your Character name, and a short blurb on yourself. :)

Current Slaves to be Sold:


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I am in if the toys, gifts and nukes I make really explode. Slave isn't a word I have in my vocabulary, but I am sure we can think of an alternative with my Master. I am glad to help blowing Santa up.

As for the in-game name, follow the white rabb... errr, arrow :D :


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I would like to put myself up for this auction. (for the first time in all MD slave auctions so far)

I do not cook, as I do not eat myself. I do not do chores, errands or whatever. And I am not submissive.

So, good luck to whoever tries to get me.

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