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Regeneration: 18 (18.18)

Luck: 7 (7.19)

Energetic immunity: 50 (50.13)

Trade sense: 21 (21.93)

Initiative: 15 (15.47)

Defence: 72 (45.15 + 27)

Briskness: 39 (39.65)

Attack: 132 (112.11 + 20)

Power: 14 (14.12)

I'm not too far behind! 8)

Wait till I get some actual armor on.

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LOL, I'm pretty sure that isn't you, or that the page didn't load enough. I can't even see your pants even though you have all the stars... And mp4 players have more stats than that, no offense to mp4 players :)

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Lol, I said you shouldn't watch the movie :P, I was just asking around to see who knew about the movie. You wanted to see the movie so that you would know what all the commotion was about. [/offtopic]

My account is 11799, that way you can always see what kind of stats I have, and that way my post isn't completely offtopic.

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